Agave Development Updates #8 / 21–28 May, 2021

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3 min readMay 28, 2021


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Welcome to the #8 Weekly Update from the Agave DAO. Here the latest news 🚀

General Updates

  • If you missed the last episode from DAOn to Earth related to the upcoming farm, you are welcome to listen to it through this link.
  • The upcoming farms will have a few pairs including AGVE (Agve/xDai — Agve/Hny). The testing phase was successful and launch is happening in the upcoming days. Read here to gather more information about the testing phase.
Overview Farming-Pairs
  • Regarding the Agave platform, some internal testing has started, and the community will be invited next. As much as we would like to share precise dates, we don’t want to rush the last mile and we are sticking to a Q2 eta. Constant updates will be presented to the community.
  • This week the Alvin contract was exploited. Alvin is a cross-pollination between 1Hive and Shenanigan. Over 50k Alvin were minted, and the price of the token collapsed. Alvin is not a product from the AgaveDAO and, despite sharing the logo with the Alvin plushie, the Agave DAO is not affiliated in any way with the creator of the project. However, we are sorry for the Agave holders that incurred a loss and we are discussing plans for a refund. Nothing is set in stone yet: A post-mortem is being written out and our future plans will be presented to the community as soon as something tangible is available. At this time, we advise the community to not trade Alvin v3. You can read more about this topic on the alvin channel of 1Hive’s Discord server and on this forum post.
Alvin Plushie
  • The rare/legendary NFT contest saw a total number of 7 submissions. We want to thank the community for working so hard and being creative.

Development Updates

  • All the queries for the backend are now written and completed. We are already at work on the next stage, making the pages.
  • Market queries are confirmed working and we will have the UI for it soon.
  • Agave’s platform testing for the community is expected to start soon.

Useful Links:

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