Alberta Revolting: Maybe, Sort Of?


Welcome, weary Albertan voters and interested onlookers to Alberta Revolting the very best guide to how to vote in the forthcoming 2015 General Election.

What makes this your very best guide on voting in Alberta? Why it’s completely and totally biased and not at all interested in trying to match you to the party that most comports with your idiosyncratic political beliefs.

There is a recommendation for each political party and some thoughts as to why I’m making that particular recommendation as well as bit of history and some speculation about what lies ahead for Alberta.

Fail to heed my recommendations at your peril. Satisfaction not guaranteed.

Warning: May Contain High Levels of Satire & Sarcasm, Use At Own Risk.

2015 Voters Guide 1: Progressive Conservatives

2015 Voters Guide 2: SoCreds

2015 Voters Guide 3: Alberta Liberals

2015 Voters Guide 4: Wildrose Party

2015 Voters Guide 5: Alberta Party

2015 Voters Guide 6: Green Party

2015 Voters Guide 7: New Democratic Party

About the Author

Jack Hope has an internet connection, computer and twitter account, thereby making him overqualified in today’s world to offer political opinions and thoughts.

Born and raised in Alberta, the incumbent Progressive Conservative government is eight years his senior and he has not seen a change of government once in his 35 years as an Albertan.