Bloated MVP — Table of Contents

Liron Shapira
Jun 8 · 2 min read
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  • Your MVP is Bloated
    When you finally “launch” your MVP, you’ll probably get zero users and you’ll feel stupid for making a bloated MVP.
  • What’s Your Value Prop Story?
    The Value Prop Story Test is a quick and easy sanity check for a startup. It should be really easy for startups to pass the test. Yet 80% of startups fail it.
  • The Lean MVP Flowchart: How to Follow the Value
    The core of a startup isn’t building a product, it’s giving a person value. Here’s what that means for your MVP and for your subsequent growth.
  • The Great Filter of Startups
    The evolutionary leap that only a small fraction of startups manage to make
  • The Bloated MVP Test
    A simple 10-question test that tells you if you’ve just wasted your life on a bloated MVP
  • The Power to Judge Startup Ideas
    The fundamental reason why so many founders fail the Value Prop Story test is that humans suck at giving specific examples of abstract concepts.
  • When Not To Be A Lean Startup
    If your startup is one of the rare ones whose primary risk is technological rather than market, you can be excused for having a less lean MVP.

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Bloated MVP

Is your MVP bloated?

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