7 thoughts after 7 days: Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome to month six of Remote Year.

We’ve (almost) made it halfway!

The shock has set in as we’re settling into Prague. I took a week off from Remote Year, and traveled a bit in France with friends and family. I needed it, but I’m definitely happy to be back with the crew. But I can’t help but notice how different we are from when we started. More on that later, but for now, check out some thoughts after my first week in Prague and back with Remote Year.

1. It feels like home.

Why you so cute, Prague? Do we have to leave?

I’ve been to Prague once before. Granted it was for maybe two days and it was the summer after I graduated from college. Infer what you will, but I definitely didn’t see as much of the city as I probably should have.

Whether you’ve been here before or not, I think that Prague has a way of making you feel happy and comfortable from the moment you arrive. The colorful buildings and fairy tale vibe make it feel like you’ve stepped into Disneyland IRL.

It’s also just easy. The city has one of the best public transportation systems, so getting around the city is manageable and fast.

2. The power of a dope coworking space.

Our coworking space here in Prague (K10 Coworking) is probably my favorite of the year thus far. I mean, it’s an old Danish embassy. It’s gorgeous.

That, plus the ~7 minute walk to the workspace makes “going to work” a joy, in my opinion. I can work outside or snag myself a conference room and these little things truly change my approach to getting work done each day.

3. I have a DISHWASHER.

Not gonna lie, we also have pretty great apartments this month, complete with little balconies / terraces and DISHWASHERS! Can you believe it?! I can’t. I mean, I’ve turned the thing on maybe once (?) in a week, but it’s still nice to have.

4. This is month six.

Six! 6! Seis!

We’re almost halfway done. It’s weird. I don’t want to think about life post-Remote Year, but I am. I’m putting pressure on what I have and have not done in the past six months and it’s strange feeling. I’ve felt so free and open these past six months and now that there’s this halfway point having a staring contest with me, I just want to spit in its’ face and run away.

5. It’s like when you’re a senior in high school, looking down on the rest of the classes like…

Love the Remote Nation fam, but it’s just funny seeing new programs start and seeing ourselves in their behaviours. The long nights, the Instagram posts, the naivete. It makes me feel old, but also so excited for them. They’re in for a ride, but it also feels like that was us just a few months ago — and that’s because it was. See number 4.

6. Let’s talk about adaptability.

One of the values of Remote Year, I think, is how it teaches you how to go with the flow. We could talk about how Remote Year is a startup, and not everything the company does or says will be — or has to be! — perfect. But that’s not why we’re here.

The fact of the matter is that you’re moving around the world. 30 days (sometimes less) in one city. Packing, moving, traveling, unpacking, settling, finding your bearings. You’re doing this monthly. You have to learn to be adaptable. You have to be flexible. You have to find your happy place(s) in a new city quickly, or you will suffer.

It’s the little things. Like walking up the stairway in your apartment and have it just feel like home. It’s being recognized by the barista. It’s having a go-to grocery store.

Notice these things. Hold onto them. But be adaptable when they change.

7. On realizing things you like and do well.

One day, after boating on Lake Titicaca, we made a pitstop for some local trout on a little floating deck. I put some tunes on a speaker and one of my friends, Charles, complimented my ability to match the music to the group's mood. I was flattered! I was never allowed to be the DJ at house parties in college, so hah!

It made me start thinking about things I like — music — and what I could do with it. Maybe I really did want to learn how to DJ and mix music together.

There have been other ideas popping in my head since Remote Year started, but it’s just exciting to start taking note of the things that I like (and sometimes the things I’m good at) and what could become more a part of my life.

Stay tuned to see if I actually act on anything… 🤔

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