🤘 Seoul Developers Party Hard: Blockchain Game Hackathon Highlights — ft. Loom SDK & Mossland

The Loom SDK Hackathon in Seoul, South Korea (held from September 7–9, 2018) was a resounding success — after many (sleepless) hours of hacking together code (on the Loom Unity SDK), MANY functional DApps were created by attendees.

As you might already know — we’ve been on a world tour to meet some of the most talented blockchain developers on planet Earth.

So far, we’ve stopped by:

Yes, that’s an ambitious list considering we spend MOST of our time shipping code.

A day in the life of a Loom Developer

In fact, a recent Github audit rated our public repositories as the SECOND MOST ACTIVE crypto project in the world.

(See for yourself — Take a look at all the new releases of the LOOM SDK.)

So — what’s the point of organizing hackathons around the world? 🤔


It’s our way of introducing developers to the benefits of blockchain games — so they can get a sneak peek into the (powerful) capabilities of the Loom SDK and how it can help them build and deploy fully scalable DApps.

Not to mention: Seeing the capabilities of something game-changing like the Loom Unity SDK gives these developers a HUUUGE advantage when building their own fully scalable DApps.

Introducing Seoul, South Korea: The Latest Stop on Our Hackathon Tour

First of all…

The Internet in Seoul is FAAAAST AF.

Gigabit Internet in Seoul is just $33/month

Here’s the other thing.

What do you think the highest-selling liquor brand in the world is?

Nah — it ain’t Whiskey or Vodka.

It’s Jinro.

That’s a Korean Soju brand, and it has been the highest selling liquor brand for 16 years in a row — DESPITE Korea only having a population of 50 million.


Not sure if this is due to exhaustion or Soju — either way, we admire the hustle.

So, stopping by Seoul was an OBVIOUS choice — DUH.

It all went down from September 7–9. In fact, to make things even more interesting — we decided to co-host the Seoul hackathon with our friends at Mossland.

If you aren’t in the loop… back in August 2018…

Mossland — the creators of a blockchain-based augmented reality (AR) game where users buy and sell virtual real estate — announced that they’re building several of their mini-services on top of the Loom SDK.

…and since our own SDK is arguably THE best option for building scalable DApps (and especially games that run on Blockchain) — collaborating with Mossland for this particular hackathon made things even more interesting.

Keep in mind: MOST of the developers knew very little about our SDK (or Mossland) when they first arrived.

Developers in Seoul hacking together prototypes for the next generation of decentralized blockchain games using the Loom SDK.


  • Game prototypes built at the hackathon used Loom SDK & MOC (Moss Coin by Mossland)
  • Cash prizes and swag were given out
  • 4 out of 7 teams successfully built their own functional DAppChain

…and after we introduced everyone to Mossland & the Loom SDK that morning — we couldn’t believe the number of INCREDIBLE games peopled created in 48 short hours 😮

You don’t have to believe me — take a look at some of the incredible games that were built in Seoul:

1. Stocking: a stock trading game where you compete against your friends to see who can profit the most

Demo of Stocking

2. Unlimited Tower: battle your way to the top of the tower, and profit 🤑🤑🤑

Demo of Unlimited Tower

3. Raising Monsters: a 2D idle RPG game with Warriors, Wizards, and Monsters

Demo of Raising Monsters
Team Monster presenting Raising Monsters

4. Dizinda Creature: use a map to hunt for body parts and build a strong creature out of them

Team Slime presenting Dizinda Creature
The UI of Dizinda Creature

5. Loom Fight: a game (by Team Fall Night) that allows the player to battle others and grow stronger with each win

Demo Loom Fight, a turn-based game built by Team Fall Night

6. Legendary Rental Shop: a game that allows you to rent weapons, defeat monsters, and earn rewards

Demo of Legendary Rental Shop

7. Moscat: breed 3D cats for the hell of it

Team Moscat presenting their game
A fully functional demo of Moscat

Pretty Cool Huh? 😮

Keep in mind…

This all happened in just 48 hours using the Loom SDK — which none of the developers had ever used before the hackathon 😮

That’s incredible!

Here’s a snapshot of all the badass developers that joined us in Seoul.

By the way, if you’re a blockchain developer… CryptoZombies is COMING SOON to a city near you!

Over the past year — CryptoZombies meetups have steadily been springing up organically all over the world.

Like this one from last Sunday in Atlanta:

We’re planning to create a network of CryptoZombies meetups around the world to help even more people learn how to build Ethereum DApps.

And we’re actively looking for people to help organize meetups in their home cities.

We’ll have a blog post coming soon with all the details, but in the meantime…

If you’re interested in helping host one (with our guidance and support) — please get in touch, and we’d be happy to coordinate 😝

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