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Product Decoded: Interview with Michael Sippey, VP Product, Medium

Product Decoded Season 1 | Episode 5

Michael Sippey (photo credit: Christopher Michel)
  • How to decide “enough is enough” when banging your head against a wall at a startup.
  • What’s different — and the same — about building consumer and enterprise products.
  • The positive and negative surprises Michael has seen as social media grew from its infancy, to what we see today. (Michael was one of the world’s first bloggers.)
  • His unique definition of a product manager’s job, and beyond this, his “universal theory of work.”
  • His unique superpowers as a product leader, some of the “wicked hard decisions” he made at Twitter, including a few of his high-stake mistakes.
  • How Medium plans to dent the universe as the platform for written word over the next decade.
  • His “Universal Theory on Podcasting” and why creative folks engage in the format.
Episode 5 of Product Decoded
On the left, Michael Sippey; to the right, Gibson Biddle



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