The Golden Horde Monthly Update — October 2018

Colby Mort
Nov 5, 2018 · 10 min read

October has passed us and a whole host of events have ended but fear not, we’re hear to recap over everything we got up to this month so buckle up and strap in!

We saw another turbulent month in the top 51 with various shuffling going on as we welcomed the return of ArkLand not only back into the community but back into being a forging delegate! We were pretty stoked about this as we know Munich well and he’ll be doing some great things for this community in the future.

As a first announcement however, if any voter is reading this who owns the address: AexEA5P256mKXpT4YAq7tX5zs7JuTfZrAk then please get in touch as you won our voter raffle and we need to send you some art!

Generally October was another busy time for us as we planned to have ‘The Arkening’ play out at the end of October so needed to get all the assets ready for that and get in touch with those in the community we wanted to collaborate with. On top of that we launched several initiative programs that we had up our sleeves which we’ll digress later in this article.


We’re working hard to get Arkvatar integrated into various platforms such as explorers, wallets, third party websites and other applications. Many thanks to those who have already integrated Arkvatar such as Brian aka Arkx who implemented the system into his website. Here’s what our delegate arkvatar looks like on his system!

To celebrate launching Arkvatar we held a caption contest where the best submitted captions to our TGH_Society Twitter would win a bunch of Ark! We had three winners:

If you’d like to check out more about Arkvatar then you can read this article here and of course make sure to make your own Arkvatar over at:

Partnering With Cam’s Yellow Jacket

We wanted to partner with CYJ for various reasons, particularly we understand just how important video content in this day and age, with it being the most binged and streamed form of media. When a person discovers Ark, videos will be the first place they look for information so if we the community have a comprehensive library of videos explaining Ark’s systems then this will increase our engagement and retention of new users by ten fold. Combine this previous fact with the notion of how experienced CYJ are at delivering videos then it was to us a no brainer to help them as we will see many benefits in the future from their work.

TGH Delegate Website Changes

Finally we’ve added tool tips to our dashboard menu after realising that each icon wasn’t so easy to understand, this should make navigating the system much easier for everyone.

Ark Heroes Telegram Stickers

We included some spooky stickers to fit the Halloween occasion as well as some of our Blockchain Heroes set which we’ve modified to work with Telegram. We’ll be adding further unique stickers in the future as well as emotion based stickers that work better with emojis like 👍 👌 and so forth.

The Arkening 2018

The major event for The Arkening was our Cipher Riddles that took about five days for some of the community to solve. It involved many riddles being encrypted and sent over the Ark Smartbridge which involved an Ark wallet BIP39 password. There was 200 Ark, wall art and stickers to be won.

As for the merch to be won, we gave out one or two exclusive halloween posters that will be locked away until next year.. however if you’re looking to grab one then you have one last chance… details are down at the end of this article!

Rounding up all our articles, we released 15 articles in the month of October which have a range of topics. We’ll dive into all of them and give you the links so you can check them out.

Ark Community Digest

This month we had slightly less ACD articles due to our halloween event taking priority but we still managed to catch up with Cam from CYJ, CJ ‘Azek’ and Glenn ‘Skeuo’.

We’ll be looking to get more ACD articles out each week again like normal this month.

TGH Proposal Update & Voter Raffle

We then launched a voter raffle in the same vein as the proposal, with 100 Ark and a wall art piece to be given away, this will occur every three months for our voters! Check the article here.

TGH Social Initiative

The Arkening

Check them out if you’re interested in seeing what The Arkening involved! Remember to stay tuned for our next seasonal events at Christmas.

Wrapping Up Our October Competitions

French Articles

In our What’s Next segment we give you a heads up on what you can expect from us in the coming months. In November we’ll be having a slower month than usual as some of us are travelling and we’re also getting this ready as we anticipate another busy month in December with our Christmas event, hopefully our merch store and other awesome things we’re keeping behind wraps for now.

Some things you can expect from us in November includes our Ark Community Digest articles, regular Tweets and other engaging things and of course the end of our Ten Year Anniversary of Bitcoin competition where we are giving away a Limited Edition White Paper Ledger + Exclusive “From The Heavens” wall art design from our Crypto Mythos design line, so this is still up for grabs!


Website Hosting & Server Infrastructure

Competitions & Community Initiatives

Our Halloween Event used up around 450 Ark, with 200 Ark being used for the Cipher Riddle prize, 150 Ark for prizes for the Crossword & Podcast riddle. Finally 100 Ark covered our costs of generating physical stickers of our spooky design line to give out to community members. All in all this came to approximately, $1,000 for competitions this month.

End Of Halloween Monthly Report Giveaway

If you want to win, all you have to do is simply take a photo of a wall that you’d put the art on! We know that there are some walls out there that need a bit of TGH Love so share it with us on Twitter: @TGH_Society

We’ll pick out two winners randomly in a week’s time (12th November) so make sure to get snapping and let us know!


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