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Note from the editor

Welcome to our new humor publication! The Haven is a place for all types of humor writing — stories, essays, lists, Onion-style fake news, funny poetry. It’s not a place for misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, violence or any other demeaning content. We can be funny without the bullshit.

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Page Barnes
Mom, Lawyer, Writer, Hot Mess. Founder of The Haven.
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Phillip T Stephens
Living metaphor. Follow me @stephens_pt.
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Cara Marino
Video, cheese, and nonsense enthusiast. I also like to lift heavy things.
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Nikki Haverstock
City girl learning to run a ranch, archer, geek, vlogger, and mostly a mystery & comedy writer
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Holly Burdorff
🎵 Just a small-town squirrel, eatin’ macaroni curls 🎵
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Roz Warren
Medium Sherpa & Writing Coach Roz Warren (https://muckrack.com/roz-warren) (roSwarren@gmail.com) writes for everyone from the New York Times to the Funny Times.
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Stephanie D. Lewis
Just because you're a hypochondriac doesn't mean you can't also get sick! Writer of all things quirky — relationships, lifestyle, sex, and 80’s throwbacks.
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Melissa Janisin
Reader, writer, library patron, baseball fan; mom of two and stepmom of one. Writing things down and sharing with 12 or so people at http://goodnessmadness.com.
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Mark Salamon
physical therapist - legally inflicting pain while simultaneously trying to make people laugh http://marksalamonpt.com/
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Mick Theebs
Writer. Painter. Poet Laureate of Milford, CT. Cooks a mean pork chop. http://www.alsothat.com
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Patricia Grant
This seemed like a good idea at the time.
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Mister Lichtenstein
Magician.NYC & MarkPhilipLichtenstein.com | New York's Uncanniest | Director | Screenwriter | Satirist | All Around Nice Guy
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Casey Rand
Chief Creative Officer at The Potential Energy Coalition. Contributor @ The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, etc. Born with one long armpit hair // caseyrand.com
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Lisa Renee
Write it down.
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Alex P. Francis
Alex is a wabble wowzer who hides out in the Pacific Northwest
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Kim Christel
Oh, my aching existence.
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Richard Mertens
26. Tall. Bearded. Hilarious. Minnesota. BUSINESS INQUIRIES: rmertens33@gmail.com. TWITTER: @Turbo_Richard
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Stephanie McMaster
Once washed a cat in a bathroom sink at DFW Airport.
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Thea Caitilin
Constantly dancing. Cripplingly extroverted. I’m the one wearing the floral shirt.
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Erica Slutsky
Music and hilarity in NYC.
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Jeffrey Rodman
Polycom's Co-founder and Chief Evangelist is at root a pixel 'n' sample geek + pianist. I speak and write about natural communications over unnatural distance
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Irving Ruan
SF-based comedy writer. Words in The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Funny Or Die, CollegeHumor, and elsewhere. http://irvingruan.com
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Yelena Shuster
Freelance lifestyle writer. Russian fabergé egg. Admissions guru. Nasty woman.
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Bryce Post
is a writer that always seems to be working on at least five different projects while attempting to share musings and revelations on a regular-ish basis.
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Linda Wolff
Midlife, Motherhood, and the Empty Nest. http://CarpoolGoddess.com
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Chris Galletta
I write for film & TV and for websites like Vice and Vanity Fair.
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Lauren Salkin
Dysfunctional wife, mother, loser of stuff. Making sense out of chaos. Writer of different genres and moods. #humor #life #nonfiction #poetry #politics #satire
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Stephen H Stein
Have a nice day unless you have other plans.
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Elizabeth Collins
Comedian/Writer/ Queerspawn — www.elizabethcollins.com
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Mateja Klaric
Writer, photographer, and explorer of the inner worlds- matejaklaric.com
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Becky Garrison
Storyteller/satirist. Follow my travels via Instagram/twitter @Becky_Garrison
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Scott Stavrou
Author of Losing Venice, a novel (May, 2018) | American living in Europe | PEN Hemingway Award | Writer, Teacher | http://bit.ly/LosingVenice
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Matthew McDonald
Work in Progress.
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Will Sonheim
Writer/Performer/Filmmaker Based in Chicago ~ Learned a lot at @NorthwesternU, @iOChicago, @NeoFuturists & @TheLondonFilmSchool ~
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Charley Warady
A stand-up comedian and author in his Sixties relating to others what it’s like to be a Baby Boomer. FREEBIRD…Writer @Medium @Creative Cafe
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Mickey Hadick
Writes thrillers and satire. Loves telling stories. Drinks coffee a lot. Plays ukulele often. Pretty good at WordPress, Python & SEO. All opinions are my own.
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Kristen Pyszczyk
writer | editor | cheese enthusiast | kristen.pyszczyk@gmail.com
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Charlotte Franklin
An occasional pearl of wisdom from a craggy chunk of sand.
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Nick Walsh
Words & sentences that could put a smile on your face. If you’re that kind of person. 15% off. Promises void. Unable to issue rereads. www.nickwalsh.fyi
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Go to the profile of Rachel Khona
Rachel Khona
Writer @ Playboy, Allure, Marie Claire, The New York Times, Cosmo, WashPo. Follow IG: @rachelkhona
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Brian Pinaire
Brian Pinaire is the author of the two best books you've never read, plus dozens of articles that range from hilarious to boring as hell. www.brianpinaire.com
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Perry Block
One Boomer humorist trying to turn back the clock through parody, satire & anything else you want. My book “Nouveau Old, Formerly Cute” at https://goo.gl/PgpTbm
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Kendra Stanton Lee
Writer of essays, collector of vintage, reader of books, wife of one, mother of two. Subscribe to my monthly love letter: http://eepurl.com/c8IhT5
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Alex Fine
Alex B. Fine writes fiction and other things. He lives with an extra medium-sized dog named Marcel.
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Jodi Tandet
recovering em dash overuser writing about mental health, dating, pop culture & other oddities — all with humor + Hamilton references //joditandet.strikingly.com
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Go to the profile of Tal Abbady
Tal Abbady
Tal has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Dame Magazine, BBC, NPR’s Code Switch, Literary Hub, and other publications.
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Hannah Meyer
Hannah Meyer is a student and freelance sperm donor living in her aunt's basement.
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Blayr Austin
Writer. Teacher at The Second City. Not a Serious Person. Canadian.
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writer of the newsletter, I don't believe in astrology (alexkiki.substack.com), for people who believe in astrology
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Molly Pennington
Offbeat jokester. Freelance writer. www.mollypennington.com
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Robert Bush
Londoner, Jack Russell fancier, reader & music lover. Not to be taken too seriously.
Go to the profile of Tim Willow
Tim Willow
Author of the rebel fish. https://rebelfish.blog A humorous look at life from many different angles.
Go to the profile of Molly McCaffrey
Molly McCaffrey
is the author of YOU BELONG TO US and HOW TO SURVIVE GRADUATE SCHOOL & OTHER DISASTERS and a contributor to The Independent, Psychology Today, USA Today, etc.
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r.j. kushner
Dubbed by the New York Times as “all out of free articles this month.”
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Scotland. Short stories. Humour.
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Go to the profile of Murad Awan
Murad Awan
Humor writer. Not as gray-scale in real life. Unless it’s a really cloudy day. Twitter: https://twitter.com/@murad_here
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Lincoln Daw
Australian. Now living in Oakland, CA. Before in China for 5 yrs. Dappler in stand-up comedy for many many moons. Somewhere between dilettante and professional.
Go to the profile of Elle Beau ❇︎
Elle Beau ❇︎
Dispelling cultural myths with research-driven stories. Not fragile like a flower; fragile like a bomb! Not looking to hook up. Twitter @ElleBeau
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Susan Morgan Reyes
Aspiring writer and full-time mom to 3 dogs.
Go to the profile of Juliette Roanoke
Juliette Roanoke
Mother. Neuroscience, critical care, and home health registered nurse. Mental health combatant. Social justice seeker. Truth-teller. julietteroanoke@gmail.com
Go to the profile of C. M. Barrett
C. M. Barrett
Friend of dragons, cats, and other troublemakers. Author of the series, A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny and Dystopia in Drag. Visit cmbarrett.com.
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Dave Zill
I’m a writer trapped inside a middle-aged geotechnical salesman’s body. I don’t mind, I love what I do.
Go to the profile of Elise Edmonds
Elise Edmonds
Fantasy Writer. Revels in Magic and Mayhem. Supports Indie Authors. Lover of Cats & Dragons. Ravenclaw. Introvert. http://magicwriter.co.uk
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Go to the profile of Ashley Peterson
Ashley Peterson
Mental health blogger | MH Nurse | Living with depression | Author of 3 books, latest is Managing the Depression Puzzle | mentalhealthathome.org
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Zach J. Watson
Like Andy Samberg but with an entirely different genetic code.
Go to the profile of Chelsey Flood
Chelsey Flood
Author, educator, truth-teller. Writing my way to freedom or thereabouts. Talk to me @cjflood_author. www.chelseyflood.com/beautiful-hangover She/her.
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Nikki Kay
Words everywhere. Fiction, poetry, personal essays about parenting, mental health, and the intersection of the two. Check out my column at Invisible Illness.
Go to the profile of Lynda Dietz
Lynda Dietz
Copyeditor. Grammar thug in the nicest, kindest way. I’m not scary, even for an editor. Find me at easyreaderediting.com
Go to the profile of Lisa Alex Gray
Lisa Alex Gray
Writing to make you laugh or at least turn your mouth corners up (I’m easy to please). Thanks for visiting, subscribe at https://www.LisaAlexGray.com 🌼 Lisa
Go to the profile of Carisa Peterson
Carisa Peterson
Essayist, playwright, copy & content writer by night. Stay-at-home Mom in a Breadwinner's body by day. Twitter/@LynnoType ~ FB/LynnoType ~ carisapeterson.com
Go to the profile of Sheldon Clay
Sheldon Clay
Writer. Observer of mass culture, communications and creativity.
Go to the profile of Benjamin Soyka
Benjamin Soyka
A technology-loving student writing Medium articles and computer programs. See more at https://bsoyka.github.io and https://fb.me/bsoykawrites
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Andrey Anisimov
a frolic dissident
Go to the profile of Anthony Zumpano
Anthony Zumpano
My fiction is grotesque, but at least it’s short! IG: bowtiesandbundts
Go to the profile of Sylvia Wohlfarth
Sylvia Wohlfarth
An Irish-Nigerian soul living in Ireland after 40 years in Germany. A social anthropologist, English teacher, and more. With stories to share; and an opinion…
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Katy Ferry
Katy Ferry is a writer and former expatriate. She’s a Southerner living in Washington, DC with a husband, two daughters and an old fat basset hound.
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Tony Atkinson
Snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, walker of paths less travelled by. Advocate-in-Ordinary to His Satanic Majesty.
Go to the profile of Keely Carney
Keely Carney
Human guinea pig, lover of learning in public. I floundered early in life(depression, addiction, rehab)then got well. I write to stay well & share what I learn.
Go to the profile of Grace Owens
Grace Owens
Gender Issues, Satire, Cultural Analysis. Published in Evie Magazine, Saved Magazine, and Robot Butt.
Go to the profile of Bev Potter
Bev Potter
I've done...questionable things. As seen in Points In Case, The Funny Times. Twitter: @blade_funner
Go to the profile of Christopher MacKinnon
Christopher MacKinnon
Lead creative @spacingwoods. Always against emptiness. pagefodder@gmail.com.
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Go to the profile of Ben Kissam
Ben Kissam
Retired gym teacher. (Very serious) successful person. My new book: https://amzn.to/2UrC8bv
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Ingrid L. Williams
Storytelling, Startups, Norway and Life!
Go to the profile of Julia Beaudett
Julia Beaudett
writer, editor, translator | sassy, cheeky, classy | you can support my writing or coffee addiction: ko-fi.com/juliabeaudett
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Odessa Denby
Writer and editor, former ESL teacher. 4 years in Korea. A maker of things and lover of nature. Twitter: @teacupssaucers Insta: des_the_crafty_fox
Go to the profile of Sydney Duke Richey
Sydney Duke Richey
Crane folder, nature lover, tattoo collector. I’m having fun writing short stories, poems and haiku and learning a lot in the process. FBTA ❤️POMpoet❤️
Go to the profile of Judith Deborah
Judith Deborah
Writer of novels. Lover of Wodehouse. Quaffer of gimlets. Mother of three. Read one of her novels for FREE by going to https://dl.bookfunnel.com/ckbltt70y2.
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Suzanne La
Registered to vote? Check at: https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/ If you could be (but are not), you are part of the problem!
Go to the profile of Julie Amidon-Conklin
Julie Amidon-Conklin
Sleepy, cat mom, dog door opener, queen of the unfinished project, coffee addict, avid reader. https://twitter.com/JulieConklin5
Go to the profile of Kerim A. Altuncu
Kerim A. Altuncu
I am a psychology student at an Italian University I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and I have studied films before I decided to change my focus.
Go to the profile of Hannah M. Moore
Hannah M. Moore
Hi, I write from my mind and from my heart, my email list: https://hannahsblog.substack.com/p/coming-soon Buymeacoffee: buymeacoff.ee/hannahsblog
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Ellie Scott
British writer. Fiction and frolics. Trying to be funny. https://www.elliescott.co.uk/
Go to the profile of Tonya S. Ware
Tonya S. Ware
Freelance writer. Bachelor of Journalism degree. Creating insightful, useful, and entertaining content about writing, women empowerment, and other fun stuff.
Go to the profile of Sorry For My Language
Sorry For My Language
Probably The Oldest Millenial with some sort of existential crisis… Yes, I read it out loud. And yes, it made me cringe. www.sorryformylanguage.com
Go to the profile of Andrea Bock
Go to the profile of Thanos Antoniou
Thanos Antoniou
Socially awkward humorist. Awkwardly social hermit. Allergic to anchovies and artichokes. Words at http://thanosantoniou.com .
Go to the profile of Christine Anderson
Christine Anderson
Satirist, PoliSci nerd, jokester, occassionally very serious. Honestly, just winging it. Writer for MuddyUm & The Haven
Go to the profile of Rkayell
Editor and writer. Surviving like everybody else.
Go to the profile of Anu Anniah
Anu Anniah
Writer, poet, from Bangalore, India. Sometimes, I show you life through a ‘fun’ filter. Sometimes life is ‘laid bare’.
Go to the profile of Stu Newman
Stu Newman
Broad jumping champion in the fifth grade. Placed third in the sixth. The real Satoshi Nakamoto.
Go to the profile of James Tierney
James Tierney
Economics Educator. Improviser. Community Builder. Always looking for the next new thing, for better or for worse.
Go to the profile of Mara Sandroff
Go to the profile of Marilyn Flower
Marilyn Flower
Writer, sacred fool, improviser, avid reader, writer, novel forthcoming, soul collage facilitator, prayer warrior and did I say writer?
Go to the profile of Marta Mozolewska
Marta Mozolewska
translator, mother of two naughty kids, and writer in the meantime, marta.mozolewska333@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Azra Valani
Azra Valani
Actor, aspiring funny woman, former Economics major, Kenyan-Canadian now living in LaLa land. valaniazra@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Agastya Zayant
Agastya Zayant
Authentic and scientific articles on habits, productivity, and success.
Go to the profile of Sophie Durbin
Go to the profile of Kaung Shein
Kaung Shein
One of my best friends said, “Life sucks and then you die.” We are all out here just trying to figure out how to die at a later time and make life suck less.
Go to the profile of Ida Adams
Ida Adams
Writer/Dreamer. Not of this world. Just passing through. Lover of All Creatures Great and Small. .Unapologetic Christian.
Go to the profile of J.J. Pryor
J.J. Pryor
Canadian abroad • Career generalist • Aspiring radio model • Keep up with me: https://jjpryor.substack.com/ • Add me: https://twitter.com/JJPryor1
Go to the profile of Heather Rugile
Heather Rugile
Writer and whiskey drinker by night. Lover of foul-mouthed and raw humor. Follow me at www.foodgalleygab.com. Twitter and Insta @foodgalleygab
Go to the profile of Emme Beckett
Emme Beckett
I’m Emme, like the letter, not the award. Contact me at emmebeckett@gmail.com.
Go to the profile of Jennifer S. Brown
Jennifer S. Brown
I write, drink bourbon, and sometimes pay attention to my kids. Writer of fiction (novel MODERN GIRLS), essays, and satire. http://www.jennifersbrown.com/
Go to the profile of Anne McVicar
Anne McVicar
Writer, mom, runner, carb lover - not necessarily in that order. MA, MLSt.
Go to the profile of David Turcotte
David Turcotte
I’m a father, writer, and behavioral therapist. I write about disabilities, psychology, and everything else. For more info: https://medium.com/mr-david-turcotte
Go to the profile of Drew Spangler aka Orlando Laser Lipo Services
Drew Spangler aka Orlando Laser Lipo Services
Spa Owner, Writer. My husband Michael and my kids have four legs with fur some people call them cats. Twitter @OrlandoLipoServ drew.j.spangler@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Alexandra Sol
Alexandra Sol
Published Philosopher|Professor|Coach|Mental Health Advocate|Animal Lover|Silly Person
Go to the profile of Omar Sharaki
Omar Sharaki
Biting off more than I can chew since 1994
Go to the profile of J. Brandon Lowry
J. Brandon Lowry
Wayward PhD turned full-time writer. Topics: Health, Science, Medical Marijuana, Fiction and Poetry. Travel editor at http://theplaceswe.live.
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Go to the profile of Jaclyn Phillips
Go to the profile of J.A. Taylor
J.A. Taylor
Jim loved his family and enjoyed writing. He died in 2076 from either trying to kill a spider while driving or from eating too many burritos. God rest his soul.
Go to the profile of N.J. Elliott
N.J. Elliott
Writer. The war on drugs, mental health, education, psychedelics, and others.
Go to the profile of Ellie Baker
Ellie Baker
I’m a fan of new perspectives, and hilarity. And birds. I hope some of my writing makes your day a bit weirder.
Go to the profile of Candace Harding Medel
Candace Harding Medel
I allow my pen to follow my heart in the creative process. This is my art.
Go to the profile of conny manero
conny manero
Author of Waiting for Silverbird, Voice of an Angel, Lily, Kitten Diaries, and Debbie. Contributor to various magazines. http://connymanero.weebly.com/
Go to the profile of Catherine Berg
Catherine Berg
Writer & mental health worker living in the Hudson Valley. At work on a novel about an older woman whose mech aide may hold the key to her long lost love.
Go to the profile of Kamna Kirti
Kamna Kirti
Data Engineer, Life-Long Learner, Fervent and Authentic. Check my website ➡️ www.kamnakirti.com
Go to the profile of Annisa Wanat
Annisa Wanat
Strategist & Storyteller. www.annisawanat.com
Go to the profile of B. A. Cumberlidge.
B. A. Cumberlidge.
Mental Health. Eradication of Medication. Suicide Prevention. Soccer, Boxing, Manystories, TheWideOpenSpace, Illumination, BlueInsights #LEO.
Go to the profile of Emma V. R. Noyes
Emma V. R. Noyes
Fiction, essays, anxiety. Both obsessive & compulsive. Daylights as a corporate bitch. Likes words. // ON SALE NOW: Half the Lemon www.amazon.com/dp/B089PX1BT1
Go to the profile of keypressingmonkey
Programmer by day, creative writer by night.
Go to the profile of Alex Evans
Go to the profile of Tracy Stengel
Tracy Stengel
Writer and freelance fiction editor. Find me curled up w/ a blanket of metaphors or at www.tracystengel.com You can buy me ☕️ at https://ko-fi.com/tracystengel
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Go to the profile of Keith Hoffman
Keith Hoffman
Keith Hoffman lives with his husband Saul and is finishing up a memoir. Until that is published you can read his blog https://theravenlunatic.com.
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Go to the profile of Amber Radcliffe
Amber Radcliffe
Writer interested in love, self, creativity, and chocolate.
Go to the profile of Dan Canon
Dan Canon
Civil rights lawyer and law prof, writing about the Midwest, the untold horrors of the justice system, and the ongoing battle between the law and humanity.
Go to the profile of Melissa Kerman
Melissa Kerman
poetry, prose, coffee. contact: melissark77@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Deborah Barchi
Deborah Barchi
Deborah Barchi has recently retired from her career as a librarian and now has time to read, garden, explore the natural world, and write poetry and essays.
Go to the profile of Henya Drescher
Henya Drescher
Psychological thrillers writer, weightlifter. Stolen Truth soon to be published. https://henyadrescher.com https://medium.com/@henyadrescher
Go to the profile of Carter W.
Carter W.
I retired at 38, divorced at 41, and have been searching for self-fulfillment since. I have two incredible kids, a great running dog, and one awesome girlfriend
Go to the profile of Ana-Maria Schweitzer
Ana-Maria Schweitzer
Senior clinical health psychologist, literature addict, animal, and cycling lover.
Go to the profile of Zo Hayes
Zo Hayes
Builder of Bridges | Lover of Neighbors | Lover of Food
Go to the profile of Joanna Horvath
Joanna Horvath
I like words and the world. https://bit.ly/2Q4mvEP
Go to the profile of Seth Freeman
Go to the profile of Richard M
Richard M
Richard Matta writes, primarily poetry, when not chauffeur to his golden-doodle dog. He’s a ‘recovering’ scientist.
Go to the profile of Clark Jackson
Clark Jackson
Writing a book. . . IG: clarkjackson23
Go to the profile of Penofgold
I write fiction — magical realism, non-fiction and poetry. I lead mental health groups at hospitals, am a mom, grandma, and enthusiast about unity of the planet
Go to the profile of Lak Krishnan
Lak Krishnan
A newbie that likes to throw a frisbee — not literally but figuratively.
Go to the profile of Shay Michael
Shay Michael
humor and creative non-fiction writer, comedian. LA
Go to the profile of Christian Mazzone
Christian Mazzone
Lacrosse Player At Large
Go to the profile of Amy Skeel
Amy Skeel
Historical costumer and general sewist, fifty-cent-word purveyor, Oxford comma fan, occasional writer. Speed reader, slow washer of dishes. @sewistwrites
Go to the profile of Malik Shabazz Hampton
Malik Shabazz Hampton
On a journey to uplift and transform society. Dr. Angela Davis has prescribed us to act as if it is possible to transform the world and I intend to do that.
Go to the profile of Megan Houston Sager
Megan Houston Sager
Teacher, mom, essayist, daily dog walker. I have a story about that. http://megansager.wordpress.com
Go to the profile of Daphne aka “Moley”
Daphne aka “Moley”
Writer, blogger, street photographer
Go to the profile of Janice Arenofsky
Janice Arenofsky
I’m a fulltime freelance writer who loves animals and making people laugh or smile. I write the blog The Dysfunctional Family on Facebook.
Go to the profile of M.R. Starling
M.R. Starling
M.R. Starling is a writer in New York. She likes to write about human endeavors, specifically American.
Go to the profile of Jordan Halkyard
Go to the profile of Tonia Nem
Tonia Nem
Absurdism. Humor. Fiction. Satire. Poetry. Anti-speciesism. Big water. Colors. Watermelons. Freedom. Me.
Go to the profile of William Vaillancourt
William Vaillancourt
writer from New Hampshire with a background in history and political science
Go to the profile of P. H. Wong
P. H. Wong
Wordsmith from the Far East.
Go to the profile of Chereese Foster
Chereese Foster
Humor writer, problem-solver, 90 Day Fiancé indulger, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups glutton. @CheFos82 (pronounced Shay-Faws)
Go to the profile of Niki Marinis
Niki Marinis
Weird Girl, thrift store owl collector, heartbreaker, lush, aspiring adult. IG: DocJohnnyFever nikimarinis@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Abbey Clova
Abbey Clova
The subconscious mind pukes words sometimes. The conscious mind reads the puke in a befuddled manner. Here’s to making sense of things eventually.
Go to the profile of Narinman Aresh
Narinman Aresh
Russian author and scriptwriter. Contact: narinmanar7@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson
“Work” has appeared in Points in Case and Reductress.
Go to the profile of Laura Hall
Laura Hall
Sucker for good storytelling, library lover, potential for being a life-long cat lady (if only I had a cat)
Go to the profile of Simon Ballou
Simon Ballou
Freelance Writer/Head of Content/Business Insight/ Corporate Blogger/Radio Presenter
Go to the profile of Will — WAO
Will — WAO
Engineer, writer, wild thinker and life loving person. Currently located in Germany. Writing about finance, Germany, middle east and any weird idea in my head!
Go to the profile of Joe Faina
Joe Faina
Comedian, College Professor, 2014 Austin City Kickball Champion @faination www.faination.com
Go to the profile of Andrew Wlos
Andrew Wlos
Living a life I believe in. Urbanite of New Orleans; receptive to jazz Instagram:@king_of_da_chill Twitter:@AndrewWlos
Go to the profile of Ibrahim Alkuraya
Ibrahim Alkuraya
Prose and Poetry and whatever is between them.
Go to the profile of Yusra Dahri
Yusra Dahri
Student. Accomplishments pending.
Go to the profile of Phoenix Huber
Phoenix Huber
An affectionate Pollyanna, I’m passionate about making life joyful and kind. Get in touch with a private note on an article you liked (no sales, please).
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Elizabeth is Dead
Liz Wolfe is an exaggerated nonfiction writer and satirical cartoonist. Please send your complaints about her work to elizabethisdeadofficial@gmail.com.
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Jessica Brant
I’m a music marketer and editor whose work has been featured in PopMatters, Upstart NY, BboyTechReport, and TRUE Magazine. I also write poetry for lit mags.
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Sarah Totton
Sarah Totton writes comedy and snorgles small mammals. She once gave a reading on a flatbed truck at a garden center to an audience of three ferns.
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Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh
Jamshedpur, India. Dentist, mom of 2 girls, lives in a joint family, in love with the written word.
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Digital Marketing Director — Podcast Producer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Filmmaker, & Photographer.
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Paramie Jayakody
Paramie Jayakody is a 22 year old who works by day, and moonlights as a storyteller who likes to express ideas, be it anything from writing, to film, to art.
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Courtney M
Just a girl trying to write a book and say something of meaning
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Middle aged adulteress navigating dead bedrooms and affairs with aplomb. Editor of The Scarlett Letter and r/adultery: My Year from Sexless Marriage to Adultery
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Jen Kleinknecht
I write because I talk too much. Published in The Haven.