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Entering another exciting year, the YGG community continues to show their support for the most promising games in the guild’s ecosystem. Some of these games have been diligently building throughout the Crypto Winter to provide gameplay and features that will excite casual and hardcore gamers alike. From GAM3 Award winners to some of YGG’s earliest partners and games that have amassed the biggest communities within the YGG network, these are nine of the top titles to keep tabs on this year.


X: @ParallelTCG | Website: https://parallel.life/

The war for Earth begins as five factions called Parallels battle each other, believing they have the rightful claim to the planet’s power source. Parallel is a sci-fi trading card game (TCG) where players lead one of the factions and win against other Parallels by unleashing powerful allies, weapons and spells with a deck of Units, Effects and Relics. Featuring a captivating story and otherworldly art reminiscent of Magic: The Gathering but with a web3 twist, the game has been a huge hit in the web3 gaming space and won Game of the Year at the 2023 GAM3 Awards.

In Q3 2023, YGG acquired NFTs and tokens in Parallel for the YGG community, who saw the game in action at the YGG Web3 Games Summit (W3GS) expo.

“Working with YGG has helped open our eyes to how different the world can be,” said Kohji Nagata, founder of Parallel. “The appetite and climate for gaming, blockchain and crypto in the Philippines is unlike anything we’ve seen, and YGG has helped open the door for us.”

YGG’s esports team, YGG Elite, has been active in the game, with team captain Disi and recent recruit Sequinox heading the climb up the leaderboard and Disi competing in ParagonsDAO’s first Parallel tournament. Equipping everyone with the skills to level up their game, the YGG community has also organized several bootcamps in Parallel.

Axie Infinity

X: @AxieInfinity | Website: https://axieinfinity.com/

In Axie Infinity, players control adorable monsters called Axies, which can be battled, collected and traded. Axie Infinity: Origins is the Axie universe’s card-based strategy game featuring a real-time combat system, free starter Axies, and vertical progression through Rune and Charm crafting. In November 2023, Axie creators Sky Mavis also relaunched the original Axie Classic with two new game modes, Cursed Coliseum and the Grand Tournament, offering players a chance to secure a rare Mystic Axie and other rewards.

As the first and earliest partner of YGG, Axie Infinity has collaborated with the guild on several initiatives, including the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) and Superquests, YGG’s new questing system that teaches guild members how to play web3’s biggest games. Spamandrice, a Superquests mentor alongside YGG GAP Ambassador Kookoo, is one of the top players of Axie Infinity: Origins, representing the guild through YGG Elite.

At W3GS, YGG Global Head of Growth Angel Pui announced that YGG is now the official training partner for Origins. Alongside the release of Origins Season 7, YGG has rolled out an in-game trainer, a new Superquest featuring spamandrice focused on the Gem Store and the Evolution Era, as well as updated versions of the introductory Superquests with spam and Kookoo.

“It’s been awesome to see the response to the Superquests system,” said Jeffrey “Jihoz” Zirlin, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Sky Mavis. “Kookoo and spam are great educators, and there’s been a nice bump in the number of YGG guild members interested in Origins, especially with the integration of part evolution into the game.”


X: @pixels_online | Website: https://www.pixels.xyz/

Pixels is an open-world game where players can explore the city of Terra Villa, farm crops, gather resources, craft items, complete quests, and build communities. As they play the game, unlockable resources, recipes and blueprints can help them influence the Pixels Universe. The game is interoperable with many NFT projects, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, OnChainMonkey, Pudgy Penguins, Lazy Lions and mfers, enabling players to navigate the world of Pixels as their NFT.

GAM3 Awards’ Best Casual Game, Pixels, rose to popularity in 2023 and became the first web3 game to hit 100,000 DAU since Axie Infinity. YGG responded to the community’s demand for questing in the game, adding it to the roster in GAP Seasons 3 and 4. Pixels is one of the most popular GAP games, second only to Axie.

“We love working with YGG,” said Luke Barwikowski, founder of Pixels. “One thing that they are really good at is creating good incentive structures. They basically hand it off. Everything was made super easy for us. They had people that really understood our game in ways that just someone who looked on the outside wouldn’t, and with that, they’re able to create pretty good incentive structures to filter for good users who are actually valuable to our ecosystem as well.”

“It was great because it was very little work on our end. They have very clear knowledge of the game. YGG knows what good activity in our game looks like, so for us, it was just as easy as saying, ‘Yes, please! Let’s go ahead with it.’ I’ve worked with other people, and it’s been a lot more effort to fine-tune.”

The game has been a hangout of choice among YGG guild members, and many in-game meetups have been organized between YGG and other guilds. As one of the most active guilds in Pixels, the YGG community was deeply engaged in the game’s recent play-to-airdrop campaigns, which gave players a chance to earn PIXEL tokens before the official launch. YGG also purchased land in Pixels worth US$13,500 (6 ETH) in December 2023.

“From my understanding, I think YGG are trying to become like a guild of guilds rather than one guild, and that’s what we want inside our system that we’ve created,” Luke added. “I want to work with them to facilitate building subguilds inside Pixels.”

My Pet Hooligan

X: @mypethooligan | Website: https://mypethooligan.com/

My Pet Hooligan is an action shooter built by AMGI Studios, a team of creators from companies such as Disney, Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). Players control rebellious rabbits called Hooligans, who are defending their home against the nefarious corporate tyrant, Meta ZuckBot. With My Pet Hooligan’s immersive gameplay, captivating graphics, and interactive environment, players get to cause a ruckus as they battle each other, skate combos with friends, vandalize walls with graffiti, and much more. The game is available on the Epic Games Store.

An early partner of AMGI Studios, YGG has extended support across various initiatives, especially in the lead-up to My Pet Hooligan’s public release in 2023. The title, which won Best Action Game at the GAM3 Awards, has been featured in the GAP and several YGG events, both virtual and in-person, such as the week-long Game Spotlight program featuring AMAs and the Web3 Community Summit (W3CS).

YGG plans to showcase My Pet Hooligan in more Game Spotlight episodes and Community Streams, the gameplay livestreams spearheaded by Mae-zing, head of the YGG Game Testers Program. The guild will also continue to offer quests in My Pet Hooligan in the upcoming GAP Season 5.

“Since the very early days of My Pet Hooligan’s existence, YGG has been at the forefront with their unwavering support,” said Luke Paglia, COO of AMGI Studios. “We’re very excited and appreciative of being featured in YGG’s ongoing community events as we continue to expand and build the content in MPH. Our awareness and fanbase is growing daily with a big help from our dedicated partners.”

Sipher Odyssey

X: @playSIPHER | Website: https://playsipher.com/

Soon to go live, Sipher Odyssey is a cross-platform action RPG that combines sci-fi and fantasy as players fight to explore the dream-like world of Sipheria and uncover its dark secrets. This looter shooter adds a roguelike twist to its gameplay, raising the stakes with fast-paced combat that requires strategic, on-the-fly decision-making in perilous dungeons. The game also has TCG elements, including a Boost Deck System where players control their power-ups. Players can use their loot to craft in-game items as well.

YGG partnered early with Sipher in 2021, acquiring cloneable NFTs in the game and participating in its seed round. Most recently, YGG has enabled the community to have early access to the game, with several guild members joining Sipher’s closed alpha playtest. YGG will be one of the guilds inside Sipher, and the guild is excited to support this mobile-first game, anticipating its success, especially in Southeast Asia, a region known for its web3 mobile gamers.

“YGG, since its inception, has envisioned a world where games can be much more meaningful and rewarding than just play,” said Tin Nguyen, founder of Sipher. “With Sipher being as easy to pick up as it is hard to master, and its north star to provide the foundation for player-driven economies, we are beyond ecstatic to continue partnering with YGG onwards and upwards.”


X: @BLOCKLORDS | Website: https://blocklords.com/

BLOCKLORDS is a medieval strategy game from MetaKing Studios, a team of design and development veterans with backgrounds from top studios like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. Players shape the world around them through a variety of playstyles such as farming, fighting and ruling kingdoms. They can swear allegiance to a lord or to no one at all, and they can also rise to the throne of their kingdom and hold the power to decide on development, alliances, and war. The game is available through the Epic Games Store.

YGG is an active guild in BLOCKLORDS and owns NFTs from the game’s early days, including five Unique Heroes that the guild has utilized to claim one region as a Lord. Recently, YGG Founders’ Coin holders were given the opportunity to participate in an airdrop of the upcoming LRDS token. The community has also featured BLOCKLORDS in several YGG AMAs and Community Streams, and YGG is looking forward to more activations for the game.

“It’s been a tremendous experience having YGG alongside us throughout our BLOCKLORDS journey,” said David Johansson, founder and CEO of MetaKing Studios. “Their support and enthusiasm for the project have been invaluable, as has their seasoned industry expertise and understanding of gamers. Witnessing the intermingling of our communities has been great, and we are eagerly anticipating what the future holds.”

Nine Chronicles M

X: @NineChronicles | Website: https://nine-chronicles.com/

Nine Chronicles M is a fully on-chain fantasy MMORPG where players explore nine mysterious realms, battling monsters as they advance through the captivating worlds. Players can gather resources, craft items, and get stronger to ultimately fight the game’s legendary bosses. Players can also fight against each other in the arena and stake NCG tokens to gain added rewards.

Nine Chronicles M, one of the most active games engaging its community through events and partnerships, was showcased at the W3GS expo. During the summit, YGG and SKYGG, an esports and gaming ecosystem partner DAO of YGG, also announced a partnership to support Nine Chronicles M with its in-game Guild system. This will allow guilds to operate similarly to validators or nodes for the game, with the rewards shared among guild members. YGG and SKYGG are looking forward to providing benefits to players who play Nine Chronicles M through YGG-SKYGG guild servers.

“We are very excited about the partnership with YGG and SKYGG as it is a transformative step for Nine Chronicles M,” said JC Kim, founder and CEO of Planetarium Labs, the publisher behind Nine Chronicles M. “Their commitment to fostering a community-centric approach aligns with our vision for a decentralized gaming ecosystem. Our collaboration will integrate guilds as key elements in the game’s ecosystem, offering an enriched, community-focused gaming experience and elevating the web3 gaming experience to a whole new level.”

Star Atlas

X: @staratlas | Website: https://play.staratlas.com/

It is the 27th century, and there is a vast universe to explore. In the grand strategy MMO Star Atlas, players embark on a space adventure. Spacefarers can explore the unknown, fight to gain territory, or engage in the world of galactic politics. They can find a home, seek fortune, or become a leading figure in one of the game’s three factions.

Star Atlas is one of the most anticipated games to be released on the Epic Games Store and the winner of the GAM3 Awards’ People’s Choice Award two years in a row in 2022 and 2023. YGG is an early supporter and in a long-term partnership with Star Atlas, with US$1 million worth of assets in the game, including several spaceships with different specs and rarities. Star Atlas attended W3GS and is also a featured game in the GAP.

YGG works with the game-specific guilds in its ecosystem to amplify their events in games through YGG’s social channels. Rome is one of the first YGG guilds dedicated to Star Atlas and among the game’s most active communities. YGG plans to work closely with Rome in tailoring weekly events featuring Star Atlas in the future.

“Working with Gabby and the entire YGG team over the years has been an absolute pleasure,” said Michael Wagner, co-founder and CEO of Star Atlas. “They’ve demonstrated time and again their commitment to the web3 gaming space and their support for pioneers and builders. I’m thrilled to see the latest advancements between the Rome and YGG partnership, and can’t wait to see them exert their force in the Galia Expanse.”

Nifty Island

X: @Nifty_Island | Website: https://niftyisland.com

Nifty Island is a sandbox game designed to bring the best out of players’ creativity as they design their own island, terraform it, build a house, plant trees, and even play as their NFT avatar. From there, they can play different minigames with other players, explore other islands, and collect Blooms to buy items in the marketplace. The developers are planning to reward players with crypto and NFTs once the game is fully launched. Nifty Island is currently in open beta and free to play for everyone.

The game has gained increasing popularity among YGG guild members and was recently featured in a Game Spotlight Kick-off AMA. This was one of several community-based island-hopping streams, and the guild plans to do more in the future. The YGG team has also been busy developing YGG-themed in-game 3D assets, with a YGG building already available for minting using Blooms. The plan is to open up more opportunities around user-generated content (UGC) for guild members.

“Nifty Island was designed for players to push the limits of their creativity within an open game world, and what the YGG community has created inside our game demonstrates that vision in action,” said Charles Smith, co-founder of Nifty Island. “Building alongside pioneers like YGG has been critical to pushing this space forward, and I’m excited to see what we can achieve together as we continue to harness the full potential of web3 gaming.”

YGG proudly supports these nine games that are driving the web3 gaming space forward with their innovation, creativity and boldness to challenge the norms of traditional gaming. As we anticipate the next market cycle, these are some of the projects that will continue to drive mass adoption through fun gameplay and strong communities, transforming the gaming landscape and taking it to the future.

“It’s been great watching the YGG community dive deep into these games,” said YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon. “Everyone is clocking serious hours, creating engaging content to onboard more players, and sharpening their skills so we could move up the leaderboards. Seeing YGG represent across so many ecosystems is a huge win for the guild. In the year ahead, we look forward to bringing that passion and skill to even more games in web3.”

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