ONO White Paper: Chapter 10 Challenges and Strategies

Challenges and Strategies

For the ONO social network, the main challenge is two-fold: capacity and efficiency.

The capacity issue will grow as the number of ONO social network users grows. With the increase in the number of users, the speed and amount of content will experience explosive growth. Increasing content will put pressure on storage; IPFS is a peer-to-peer distributed storage network, suitable for single upload multiple downloads, which is a characteristic of the social network. It can ease the pressure on data volume surges; however, as the exponential level of data volume increases, the download speed will still be a problem to be considered.

The efficiency problem is also a huge challenge. Based on the characteristics of the blockchain, the drastic increase of data volume will lead to inefficient chaining and will result in a poor user experience. ONO social network adopts DPOS-based EOS, trying to solve the ever-increasing pressure of efficiency. However, when the number of users is extremely large, the speed of the consensus algorithm is still a constraint factor, so a better algorithm is required to support high concurrency scenarios.

Fortunately, ONO’s increasingly open operating strategy will be synchronized with iterative techniques, enabling the implementation of an ideal community step-by-step.

We will begin user registration in April V1.0 with an invitation system to control the number of signups, and ensure the quality of content, so as to better build our early ecological infrastructure in a virtuous circle. This will be matched with technical limitations, and early EOS performance will be sufficient to support operational needs.

DPOS+BFT implemented in EOS is a long-awaited, high-quality solution — as described in the previous section, it can effectively solve performance problems and support a high-concurrency data network.

At this time, the content creation infrastructure of ONO has been completed completed and and a more optimized version will be released on EOS. Once V2.0 is is completed, registration will be officially opened to all users.

Through the foreseeable future, ONO will operate on EOS’s DPOS architecture until new iterative techniques of blockchain become more applicable to the establishment of a social network. ONO’s technical team will also continue to work on any related technical solutions.

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