ONO White Paper: Chapter 9 Roadmap

Chapter Nine

Roadmap & Development Plan

November 2017: Project Approval

December 2017: Build the Start-up Team

January 2018: Complete ONO Product Design Draft

February 2018: Technical Research and Selection, Start Development

March 2018: Complete Demo

April 2018 to EOS Testnet : The Basic Social Function Version Online and Connected

May 2018: Joined the EOS Jungle Test Network with node in Tokyo; will be completing the registration of 300,000 users and the ONO social network tone construction; collaborate with INBlockchain to build the EOS test network and also take part in the National 5 Cities Meetup Conference.

June 2018: Improve and Complete ONO Social Network Incentive

July 2018: Complete EOS Access and Complete ONO Social Network Voting Mechanism

August 2018: Complete Keynote Construction of 300,000 Users and ONO Social Network Tone Construction. Migration to EOS Mainnet. ONO Officially Opens for Registration.

October 2018: Improved and completed the small program SDK interface, Super Partner Campaign launches, and global roadshow starts.

November 2018: ONO Super Partner Campaign for entire social network, brand advertising

December 2018: Super Partner Campaign closes to complete the number of users set at 1 million.

2019: Q1 Target 8-15,000,000 Users

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