ONO White Paper: Chapter 14 Disclaimer and Statement of Risks

Chapter 14

Statement of Risks and Disclaimer


ONOT, the native digital token of the ONO social network, is the subject matter of an asset. Holding an ONOT can be regarded as an asset investment. The ONO founding team is obliged to make corresponding risk warnings as a reference for users when investing. Holding an ONOT represents an understanding and willingness to accept its risks. The following are the main risks that ONOT prices and ONO projects may face.

Policy risk: There may be price volatility caused by unstable policies on blockchains in countries and regions around the world.

Transaction risk: The trading behavior of the secondary market will affect ONOT’s price at all times. The secondary market for emerging digital currencies has a larger volatility than the traditional market, and there may be drastic fluctuations in prices.

Technical risk: The underlying technology of the blockchain is in a high-speed development stage, which is a requirement for ONO projects. There may be a situation where the development of ONO is hindered due to the stagnation of the technology.

Operational risk: Risks caused by uncertainties in operating factors such as ONO’s business strategy, inter-bank competition, and cooperative institutions.

In addition, ONO also faces many risks, including but not limited to the world economy and environment, blockchain development, corporate operations, and other unpredictable events. Participants must conduct rigorous and careful analysis and realize this responsibility.


The introduction and description of the basic condition of the project in this document is an invitation to the general public. It is not and cannot be regarded as an investment or declaration of commitment to any specific or unspecified subject. It is neither nor can it be considered as a specific team’s project. It’s not a commitment nor a guarantee. The ONO team reserves all rights to modify, delete, add, abrogate, and interpret related behaviors of this document.

Those who have the intention to participate, invest, and cooperate in this project must clearly understand the full risks of this project. Participants shall enter into a written cooperation agreement for participation in this project. The cooperation agreement shall clearly and completely indicate the cooperation, participation or investment. Participants should indicate in written or verbal form that they have fully understood and accepted all the risks that the project has generated or may have, and take corresponding responsibility.

Before you read and use this document, you should understand the following precautions:

This document is an invitation to the project and should not and cannot be regarded as the content, standard or condition of the project cooperation, investment or any contract. The creation, change, and elimination of legal relationships between any project participants and project teams shall be based on the contract concluded in writing.

The “Token, ONOT, and ONO POWER” referred to in this project as a digital asset is not contained in the project team’s server has a complete and independent value separate from the project team. The value of the TOKEN, ONOT, and ONO POWER is completely determined by the recognition of the value and exchange value of the relevant market participants. It should not be regarded as bonds, securities, or any form of securities, nor is it a project team’s, company’s equity, shares, ownership or control.

  1. Based on the TOKEN generated by this project, the value of ONOT is affected by the market environment and the degree of acceptance of market entities. The project team cannot guarantee the value of the TOKEN and ONOT.
  2. The TOKEN, ONOT, has the risk of being lost, tampered with, stolen or mishandled. The project team cannot guarantee the storage, retrieval, and modification of the relevant virtual property.
  3. In view of changes in the ongoing regulation of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency or intangible assets by governments around the world, the project team reserves the right to modify, delete, add, and revoke some or all of the contents of this document at any time in accordance with the laws, regulations, and actual conditions of each region. You confirm that you are free to judge the content of the project team and the project services, and bear all risks arising from the use of the contents of this document, including the risks arising from the reliance on the correctness, completeness or practicality of the contents of this document. The project team cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your own actions.

Copyright Notice

This document is copyrighted by NOME TECH PTY LTD (Nome Technology Co., Ltd., in Australia, hereinafter referred to as NOME TECH). No part of this document may be reproduced, abstracted, backed up, modified, translated into another language, or used in whole or in part for any commercial purpose, in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of NOME TECH.

Release Statement

For different versions of the ONO White Paper, the latest version shall prevail.

Right of Interpretation

The NOME Foundation has the final power of interpretation of this White Paper.

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