ONO White Paper: Chapter 8 Common Program

Chapter Eight

Common Program

Common Program of the ONO Social Network

We, the members of the ONO Social Network:

Recalling the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other fundamental laws reflecting common values of humanity;

Looking back to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the Treaty on Intellectual Property in Respect of Integrated Circuits, the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the Universal Copyright Convention and other international conventions to protect the intellectual property of humanity;

Recognizing that humans are born equal with independent consciousness and rights, who should be respected and treated equally;

Realizing that life, liberty, and property are inalienable rights of each person;

Confirming that blockchain technology has the important potential for eliminating the corruption, exploitation, and bureaucracy of centralized social networks, and for establishing a distributed autonomous organization that is highly transparent, secure, efficient and economical;

Making sure that the value of intellectual assets should be assessed by the people and the value they create.

In order to establish a more comprehensive and rational social network system and promote legitimate rights and interests of each social network member, the resolutions are made as follows:

Article I.
The rights stipulated in this program belong to all members of the ONO social network. The powers of all members of the ONO social network can be expressed through its voting mechanism.

Article II.
This program is the expression of the common will of all participants In the ONO social network. Each member has the right to participate in the formulation, revision and repeal of this program personally or by representative.

Article III. 
In this social network, all members are equal regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinion, nationality or social origin, property, birth, or other status. We are endowed with reason and conscience. We are willing to treat each other as brothers and sisters.

Article IV.
All members of the social network shall be able to carry out proposals, vote, execute and test equally in the referendum functional area, based on their capacities.

Article V. 
No person shall be enslaved; All forms of slavery and slave trade shall be prohibited.

Article VI.
The values of the ONO social network belong to all members of the social network and shall be established on the decentralized blockchain.

Article VII.
We should work together to create and maintain the end-to-end common economy, establishing and maintaining a networked integrity body, and programmed behavioral rules.

Article VIII.
Everyone is equal in the ONO social network. Personal dignity, freedom of conduct, and network property are the inalienable rights of each individual. Everyone should be protected from any discrimination that violates this program and any behavior that incites such discrimination.

Article IX.
The private life, family, home, and communication of our users shall not be interfered with arbitrarily, nor shall their honor and reputation be attacked.

Article X.
Freedom means the ability to engage in any act which is harmless to others; therefore, each member shall exercise their natural rights, and the only restrictions will be to ensure that other members of the social network enjoy those same rights. Such restrictions should obey the laws of all countries in the world.

Article XI.
Everyone has the right to enjoy the freedom of proposing and expressing opinions, including the freedom to hold opinions without interference, and the freedom to seek, receive, and convey ideas through any media and regardless of national boundaries. Every member of the social network is free to speak, write and publish, but shall be responsible for the abuse of this freedom under the conditions stipulated by law.

Article XII.
No member shall be interfered with because of opinions held or religious views, provided that their expressions don’t disturb the public order established by law or the lawful rights of other members.

Article XIII.
All members of the social network have the right to participate in the design and range of the evaluation criteria to determine the benefits of the ONO network, personally, or by their representatives. Each member should freely approve of, and understand the usage of the benefits of the social network.

Article XIV.
We shall strive to eliminate corruption, bureaucracy, and exploitation within the social network.

Article XV.
We should give priority to those who create value while taking into account the interests of everyone.

Article XVI.
The rights of the network shall be transparent and executable.

Article XVII.
We shall establish a system of trust based on record keeping, media storage, delivery, and analysis, as well as based on the definition of digital forms and implementable projects to promote the development of the ONO social network.

Article XVIII.
Beijing NOME Technology Co., Ltd. is the executor of the public affairs of the ONO social network, whom every member of the social network has the right to request reports from. Beijing NOME Technology Co., Ltd. is entitled to transfer all or parts of the powers of executing their responsibilities to a third party. If a third party agrees to accept this power, it shall promise to abide by the same reporting obligations and responsibilities as those of Beijing NOME Technology Co., Ltd.

Article XIX.
The underlying design of the blockchain should make great efforts to prevent the ability to bypass security, so that each interaction between members of the social network can be broadcast and verified by the the entire community.

Article XX.
Value creation shall be incentivized. Individuals who work for the benefit of all shall be valued, and rewarded for the effort and resources expended.

Article XXI.
The security of identities, records, and transactions in the social network should be jointly safeguarded and respected. Each social network member is obliged to prevent hacking, identity theft, fraud, cyber bullying, phishing, and junk emails, malware, and ransomware from infringing upon the social network.

Article XXII.
This program may be amended by a proposal of over 1% ONO members. Beijing NOME Technology Co., Ltd. have the right to propose amendments to this program, and Beijing NOME Technology Co., Ltd. should give all members a reasonable amount of time to meet and deliberate the amendment of the Common Program.

Article XXIII.
Each proposal for the revision of the Common Program must be approved by more than two thirds of the members participating in the meeting for revising the Common Program.

Article XXIV.
It is the right of each member to demand a social networking environment that fully realizes the rights and freedoms contained within this Program.

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