ONO White Paper: Chapter 13 Nome Foundation


Nome Foundation

NOME’s Legal Structure

The ONO project established a NOME Foundation based in Australia. The Foundation will act as an independent legal entity and be solely responsible for the founding team organization, development, promotion and operation of the ONO project and assume all relevant legal responsibilities.

The NOME Foundation will strictly abide by local laws and regulations, provide project financing to specific groups in an appropriate manner, and will distribute ONOTs as well. For legal reasons, ONO will not conduct fund-raising activities in certain countries and regions. The entire amount of funds raised by the ONO Foundation will be used for technology development, marketing, community building, financial auditing, business development, and other purposes that are closely related to the development of ONO projects.

Policies vary from place to place around the world. Due to compliance with local laws, ONO may not be able to provide normal services in some countries or regions.

The role of the NOME Foundation

The NOME Foundation is an independent organization whose main responsibilities include:

Support R&D of the ONO platform, development and select important partners.

Responsible for the development and support of teams and related parties; Abide by all rules, legal structures and perform compliance supervision.

Responsible for the ONO social network’s open platform, defining regulatory goals, research goals, and development milestones.

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