We cut through the last 4 months of Product Hunt to find 113 marketing tools everyone should try — Part 3: Productivity Boosters

Over the last week we have marched through thousands of product releases and websites to find the best marketing tools for 2016. In this roundup we stuck to the recent and sometimes overlooked tools. We are all tired of seeing lists full of tools we already use.

It got out of hand quickly. Ballooning from a planned 50 tools to as you can see 113 tools! But fear not we organized them into 8 categories that are listed below. Be sure to check them all out and let us know if we have missed any!

Analytics — Email Marketing — Productivity Boosters — Website Tools — Content Creation — Slack Extensions — Social Media Marketing — Team Tools


By using easy-to-understand views, a touch-based interface, and animated transitions between views, SandDance helps you find insights about your data, which in turn help you tell stories supported by data, build cases based on evidence, test hypotheses, dig deeper into surface explanations, support decisions for purchases, or relate data into a wider, real world context.

What Excites Us: Anything that brings order to our overstuffed email inbox is great in our book. And it looks good doing it.



Save anything important in a Cube. Cubeit supports all kinds of data — links, images, videos, files, tweets, maps, contacts, and much much more! Collecting content to build your company? Save an inspirational video from Zuckerberg together with a tweet from Paul Graham. Write notes to collect your thoughts, and create your personal knowledge graph.

What Excites Us: Cubeit keeps all of your apps organized in one neat and tidy feed. No more jumping around from one feed to another.

Scanner Pro 7


Scanner Pro allows you to scan paper documents into PDFs that look clean and professional. It is time to replace huge hardware scanners with mobile technology.

What Excites Us: Scanner Pro literally turns your paper documents into digital copies with just a picture. Say goodbye to emailing shoddy pictures of documents or receipts to people.



TaskPaper is a plain text to-do list that’s surprisingly adept. Outliners are powerful, but hard to use. Text editors are easy, but without structure. TaskPaper feels like a text editor, but has the power of an outliner.

What Excites Us: If you are looking for a stripped down task manager Taskpaper is for you. Again the simplicity is what really drew us to Taskpaper and it has had a winning formula since 2006.



Sortd transforms the way you work with email. It expands your Inbox into a flexible set of lists for important email and other stuff. Your emails, tasks and priorities now live together in one easy-to-use drag and drop workspace. It’s still good ol’ Gmail, only so much more!

What Excites Us: We are masters of favoriting emails and forgetting about them. Sortd helps us get past that by creating easy to follow lists of important emails and tasks!

To Round

To Round is a task manager with clear interface, designed for visual thinkers. It is a simple yet powerful app, which turns a routine activity of getting tasks listed and scheduled into a delightful experience. Moreover, it has all you need to really get everything done.

What Excites Us: We are big fans of the design and simplicity of the To Round app. Also because all tasks are displayed at once you can never lose one in the everyday shuffle of life.



Airmail was designed from the ground to retain the same experience with a single or multiple email accounts and provide a quick, modern and easy-to-use user experience. Airmail is clean and allows you to get to your emails without interruption — it’s the mail client for the 21st century. We have taken usability and function to the next level with Airmail and bring a striking-design with support for all major email services. Switch between accounts like a breeze and quick reply to incoming messages within seconds — email has never been so easy and productive.

What Excites Us: Airmail is our main mobile and desktop email client. And it has changed how we use and feel about email. I no longer hate dealing with or sending emails because of it. If that is not a good enough endorsement I am not sure what is!


If you want to be more productive, control your time better and maximize your potential for success, Proud is an app for you. From lists, reminders and timers to useful superpowers like: “Give me more time”, “De-stress” or “Travel back in time”. When an idea or a thought comes to your mind or you know you will have to accomplish something soon, store these thoughts safely, break them down into chunks that are smaller and easier to complete, and increase your chance of success in any area of your life! Organize your days with one-click reminders and add habits to make you systematic and unbeatable.

What Excites Us: Proud combines a task managing with stress reducing into a innovative app. It is a great addition to the homescreen of any marketers iOS device.



Timepage is a revolutionary smart calendar that is effortless to use. It makes every day more productive by combining your events, maps, contacts and weather into one easy app. Get it for yourself now and see why the most productive people use Timepage to manage their schedule. It works with your existing calendar so you don’t need to set up anything new.

What Excites Us: Timepage is from the master notebook makers at Moleskin and it shows. The app is one of the most beautifully designer calendar app we have ever seen. Combining everything that affects your life and productivity into one app.



Quadro is a smart controller for your Mac, a new paradigm in desktop interaction. Create touchable shortcuts to accomplish any digital task, launch every application and all of their actions, automate them, perform online searches, manage your communications and much more, just like you have always dreamed of, with a single tap!

What Excites Us: You can only do so much with a keyboard and mouse. Quadro expands the functionality of any computer by bringing smart buttons and actions to iOS devices. It is like a bunch of interactive buttons invaded your iPhone to make life easier.