Agave Development Update #9 / 28 May — 04 June, 2021

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3 min readJun 4, 2021


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Another week, another update from the Agave DAO. Welcome to our #9 Weekly Update. Here the latest news 🚀

General Updates

  • On June 2nd the Tulip Swarm deployed the long-awaited Honeycomb Wallet interface and the new farms, which you can access at Currently, there are 2 pairs that include Agave.

Honeyswap’s liquidity quickly reached its All Time High. Farming rewards are in xComb (and, on Polygon, will be in pComb). If you wish to learn more about this new upgrade, please visit this link. For a video tutorial on how to use the new Honeycomb interface, here a video tutorial.

Honeyswap Liquidity — June 04, 2021
  • Over 6300 Agave are secured in the safety module.
  • The Youtube channel LiteLiger (+18k followers) just published a video related to xPollinate and 1Hive farms. Agave is also mentioned in the video.
  • Our NFT contest has come to an end, and we’re proud to publish the winners according to each section. We thank the artists for submitting some truly amazing work and the community for voting!
Agave NFT Collection
  • Curious on how to collect the Agave NFTs? We will publish more detailed info on how to collect the Agave NFT collection, but for now we can already say that community engagement (through Discord, Telegram, Twitter), and LPing with some of our partners COLD, RARE, XGT, may be some requirements for eligibility. (Although minimum amounts are not set in stone, micro-deposits will not allow users to participate in the distribution)
  • Speaking of NFTs, our strategic partnership with Cold Truth Culture and Unifty is proceeding very nicely. A first airdrop of COLD token has happened and a second one, called “Diamond Hands Airdrop” is about to happen. The focus of this airdrop is on Agave holders and Cold/NFT community. Further information are available at this forum post, this Medium Article and on CTC’s website.

Development Updates

  • We are happy to share with the community a sneak peek of the Agave Platform. (Test Version)
Agave Lending Platform
  • The web3 query framework is integrated and we have built the Markets page atop it.
  • We are currently building the Deposit and Withdraw pages, which are the final steps before inviting users to test with us on Rinkeby.

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