How to manage your mining farm - Part 2 - Nvidia & AMD rigs

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6 min readMar 5, 2019


In the previous post, we have summarized everything you need to set up and manage your ASIC farm on minerstat. This time, we will help you with setting up a farm of AMD and/or Nvidia rigs. We will guide you through everything you need for the fastest and most efficient setup. ASIC farms are different than rig farms as rigs have way more settings, configuration, overclocking requirements, and minerstat offers you all the tools to have these things under control.

1. Your minerstat plan

Before you are able to set up workers, you need to make sure that you have enough workers in your plan. We should point out two things.

First, you can always upgrade your plan without losing money - at each upgrade of your plan, we will give you an upgrade discount that will cover the costs of the time and workers you haven’t spent yet. So if you buy 40 workers today, and 80 workers next week, you will get the discount for 40 workers for the remaining 3 weeks of the month. You always extend the account and the minimum bought time is 30 days. When you are upgrading, you need to select the final number of workers (so first 40, then 80, then 120, etc). If you know that you can establish 40 workers per day, we suggest you start with 40 workers and then upgrade your plan to 80 workers when the first 40 workers are set and working.

Second, if you have a larger farm and want to test it first, send us an e-mail or step in touch with us on live chat or on Discord. We can offer you a free testing week with a certain number of workers to give you the time to set everything up and learn about minerstat before your first payment.

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2. Profile organization

There are different ways you can organize your minerstat profile in regard to what is the purpose of your mining farm. If you are using it on your own, you will only need to learn about setting things up from one profile. But, if you also have customers, we suggest you take advantage of a special feature that allows you to add customers.

This way, each customer will have its own account and everything related to that account is saved on their profile, which makes managing your customers’ profiles easier, leaving less space for mistakes. You will also be able to create a public profile for each customer.

To have all of your customers available in one place, you can quickly check the status of all of your customers or browse through all of the workers you have assigned to your customers in two separate pages.

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3. Adding workers

If you have a larger operation (50 or more workers), we suggest you take advantage of our bulk add solutions to save time with adding workers. Bulk add is available on this link directly or through the workers’ list (click on Add new worker and then on Bulk add).

4. Installing software

Installing the software on multiple rigs can be a long procedure. Here are some hints that can help you make it faster.

Linux mining

You can flash Linux mining OS image on multiple USBs at once. When you do, don’t forget to change config.js files on each USB and enter the correct access key and worker’s name. There are different tools that allow you this - even Etcher or ImageUSB.

Windows mining

Instead of downloading the installer, download a portable version of Windows mining software and just copy/paste it to all of your Windows rigs.

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5. Worker’s configuration

To update your worker’s config, we suggest you follow the next steps.

  1. Save up pools and wallets that you will use in your Address editor. This will be your address book.
  2. Navigate to the worker’s config page.
  3. Select the workers you want to update.
  4. If you will change the mining client don’t forget to first change the Default mining client and then scroll down to update the mining client’s configs. You are able to click on the wallets and pools tags and replace them with the tags you defined in the first step. You can also paste your own configs and not use tags at all.
  5. Don't forget to save changes.

If you are using different configs and switch between configs regularly, you can take advantage of config templates. Please note that templates are only templates as the name says. They serve the purpose of saving the configuration and loading it when needed. This means that if you change the content in the template it won’t be automatically changed in the workers that used this template. In such cases, you will need to use the Load from template function again.

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6. Overclocking and undervolting

The minerstat dashboard allows you to define your overclocking and undervolting profiles to achieve the best speeds and power consumptions on your rigs. Navigate to ClockTune page and create profiles you would like to use.

Then assign the profiles to your workers in the worker config page.

Every time you change the value in ClockTune profile, the rigs using this profile will automatically update their overclocking and undervolting settings.

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7. Monitoring settings

To assure your mining operation is running without interruptions, you can set up alerts and triggers. With alerts, you can monitor the following events on e-mail, Telegram, or your mobile app.

  • GPU temperature;
  • When the worker goes offline;
  • When the worker comes back online;
  • Hashrate drop;
  • Efficiency drop.

Triggers allow you to set up certain action when an event is detected: restart the software, reboot the machine, shut down the machine, set fans, etc.

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8. Profit switch

If you want to set up a profit switch for your rigs, we suggest you to first set it up on one and to set 2 or 3 coins for start. When you see that the profit switch is correctly in place and working, you can save the same settings of other workers by first loading the worker that already has the profit switch set to load the page with its settings. Then adding other workers to the target list and saving the changes for them.

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9. Other features worth checking out


To find the best mining clients for different algorithms. Read more.

Control room

To organize your rigs to fit your actual establishment and to create a heat map. Read more.

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24h logs and diagnostic

To check what was going on in the last 24 hours and to check which of your workers are currently having problems. Read more.

If you will need any help along the way, you can join us on Discord or on the live chat on your minerstat dashboard.

Happy mining!

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