“Pull Quotes” of a 2 Year Old: Week 38

…My Little Mermaid

Note: braid by mommy.

For the first two years of my daughter’s life, my wife and I had to field lots of “Hey handsome!” and “What a cutie, what’s his name?” because my little beautiful girl had very little hair. Now, daddy has got to study up on his Pinterest for braid techniques.

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Friday Sep 16

“Daddy, get back.”

Saturday Sep 17

“The sun went down already.”

Sunday Sep 18

“Two minutes.”

Monday Sep 19

“You big. Mommy’s little.”

Tuesday Sep 20

“No thank you. Don’t sing.”

Wednesday Sep 21

“I’m a mermaid!”

Thursday Sep 22

“I go downstairs myself.”


I realized the extent of her growth while she was doing “splash” time (aka bath time) and had her head back in the tub. As she sang “Twinkle Twinkle” with her ears underwater, her hair floated around her in a dazzling Little Mermaid-style way. I’m happy to not have to explain that my child is a girl any longer, but I’m happier just to be Part of Her World. 😉

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