Day 11 — Social media and content marketing are overrated

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” -Napolean Hill

~~~ This is day 11 of a 90 day process. You can read the start of my path here of follow the full story here. ~~~

Social media and content marketing are overrated. YES. they are.

That’s why we see so many social media experts broke and so many writers that can’t pay their bills.

Don’t get upset. Social media it’s nice. I love it. And It’s nice.

Content marketing it’s awesome.

But SALES… Sales are better.

That’s why Goanna Social main efforts in the next days is to work on 1 thing:


We can’t be experts to help companies generate more leads if we are not leads experts.

The formula it’s easy.

I can’t grow without sales.

I can grow without Twitter

I can’t grow without customers

I can grow without Linkedin Page

I can’t grow without staff (I need to pay those staff)

I can grow without Instagram.

The problem is that for many people.. sales are boring. Sales take time. Sales are a pain in the butt and 99% of companies suck at sales.

Sales needs to be done like invading Poland. FAST. Furious. Without any hesitation…

Yes. I have never met a top sales person that is “lovely” … or that cold calling because he/she love to speak on the phone is all about SALES SALES SALES. Numbers, numbers, numbers. 
If I don’t sell.. this business dies, regardless how many medium followers or FB friends think I’m awesome.

So it’s time to get serious, start the training of my sales team, building the most kick ass sales funnel ever and see the bank account give me the feedback that I need. Once customers arrive… then Social Media, Instagram, more funnels, more cute blog posts and content marketing can flourish even more.

But on the next days, it’s going to be about one thing ABC ABC ABC ABC

… Here it is 7 minutes …

Day #11 Stats Goanna Social

Day #11 Hours worked: 2

Overal Hours worked: 58

Funds: $19355.25 AUD

Spent : $0

Income : $0 
($3500 AUD Invoiced!)
(2300 USD invoiced)
($4000 AUD invoiced)

Phone calls: 0

Emails sent: 2

FB / Lead generation interaction: 0

Active Leads: 6

Proposals sent: 3

Feeling: Ready to close

79 days to go.

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