Day 8 — Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years? Start there!

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” — Joseph Kennedy

~~~ This is day 8 of a 90 day process. You can read the start of my path here of follow the full story here. ~~~

I want to tell you that I’m doing this, — the whole “building an Agency” — to buy a Jet ski, a red Ferrari, and to post in Instagram all my happy photos living in my tropical Island.

#recurrentincome #lifethedream #motivationquoteoftheday → don’t you hate those stupid hashtags???

I do.

The REAL reason why I’m doing this NOW, is because I really want to wake up the 25th of May of 2022 and read back this EXACT blog post and realise that I built something 100% engineered for the life I always wanted.

Yes. I’m reverse engineering the life I want… that in a few words is mainly the extension of the life I have at the moment but creating a larger impact.

So this means : Me + Wife + my 3 boys + and Legacy worth talking about. (although a jet ski would be awesome)

Wife missing in the Photo. She left us for 35 minutes… 9we survived…)

Yes My dear Medium Tiny Audience… I’m going for long haul and it’s only when we go the long haul is when we find out who is SERIOUS and who is just doing it for the quick need for attention.

Launching businesses is a perfect addiction for Dopamine junkies, but the reality is that doing it properly, doing the hard work… it’s freaking difficult.

That’s why TODAY after 7 days of building Goanna Social agency, I’m proud to announce that I’m exhausted and I’m not even 10% where I was suppose to be.

  • No contracts developed.
  • My proposals are still in development
  • Have you check my website? Is not even complete!
  • My grammar hasn’t improved and it seems I’m immune to coffee now.

But like climbing Kilimanjaro the view only is worthit when you are exhausted and you look back and you realize that “You are climbing Kilimanjaro”

The Good news of the day:

One potential web design deal on the works $1500 job

3 (yes 3) chats with startup founders about growth hacking ←- awesome insights

2 new current leads going strong

  • One for $2500 / per month
  • One for $1000 / per month

And a happy 6 week old Luca that seems to find funny the fact I’m not sleeping anymore!

Thanks to everyone that is following this story… so far Medium is only showing love!

Day #8 Stats Goanna Social

Day #8 Hours worked: 8

Overal Hours worked: 46

Funds: $19805.25 AUD

Spent : $0 (Graphic River Logo Vector)

Income : $0 
($3500 Invoiced!)

Phone calls: 5

Emails sent: 12

FB / Lead generation interaction: 4

Active Leads: 6

Proposals sent: 3

Feeling: Tired. Happy. Craving Pizza

82 days to go.

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