Product Decoded Interview With Justin Bauer, VP of Product at Amplitude

Season 1 | Episode 7

Justin Bauer, VP of Product at Amplitude

In the seventh episode of Product Decoded podcast, Dan Olsen, product management consultant and author of The Lean Product Playbook, interviews Justin Bauer, VP of Product at Amplitude, a software service that provides analytics to help companies understand their user behavior data and ultimately build a better product.

In this interview, Justin shares his advice on product management, being a product leader, and using analytics to improve your product. At Amplitude, he strives to make it easy for companies to make better decisions from their data. Justin is a 2x entrepreneur as well as an alumnus of McKinsey, Stanford GSB and Carleton College.

Here are the highlights:

  • How Justin became passionate about using data to make better decisions for users (5:15)
  • Advice for mid-level product managers: find your super-skill (6:20)
  • Setting product strategy at small versus large companies (15:00)
  • Common challenges product teams face with analytics (22:17)
  • Retention rate is the ultimate measure of product market fit — read Amplitude’s Mastering Retention ebook (27:00)

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