A Day Late And A Dollar Short

Dollar” by Paul Domenick on Flickr.

Feeling like you’re falling behind is a normal feeling for us here at Comatose Podcast. Things still generally run on time, but for the first time in over two years we missed a week.

I’m okay with that.

Every week there are a lot of wheels that need to turn in order to make a successful show. Everyone has to be up to date on what’s on the episode, the segments, the music, the art.

Everything has to be relatively on schedule, but working with a team that spans the globe twice over means that any time there is a misstep in communication or a delay in production, something that could take seconds resolve turns into days.

My fear has always been that those days could then turn into weeks and eventually mark the end of the show and this column in The Coffeelicious.

In the excess of the holidays and international travel, I’ve started to have a change of heart. A change more from necessity than from a worn and reasoned idea.

I was putting so much effort to keep everything running and still having everything run late that I knew I would either have to keep everyone high strung or take the hit and lose a week.

We took the hit.

We’re not getting paid for this, and in the middle of finding an apartment and job and future and life, making sure the show is running properly can take a backseat.

At least that’s how I got myself to feel comfortable with this loss.
Written by John Bauer of Comatose.

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