Agave Development Update #10 / 04–11 June, 2021

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2 min readJun 11, 2021


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It is already Agave’s 10th weekly update, and we’re glad to share with you some of the latest news. 🚀

General Updates

  • Farming and putting at work your liquidity on Honeyswap has never been easier. AGVE-XDAI and AGVE-HNY are still providing high APY for users to participate in 1Hive’s farms.

Honeyswap’s liquidity reached a temporary all time high of 18M $. Furthermore, 1.5M $ is now on Honeyswap-Polygon. Users are still invited to provide liquidity there as well, to benefit the upcoming pComb token airdrop.

  • Somewhere next week we will publish a first draft of the bounty program open to the community. These will include guides, tutorials on different matters related to Agave’s product, listing on various platforms and much more.
  • Over 6200 Agave are secured in the safety module.
  • A post-mortem of the Alvin exploit has been made and is available on 1Hive’s forum at this post. As we previously stated, Agave will take care of its own holders, and we will soon provide more updates for this matter.
  • In correlation with the upcoming farms and the exploit of Alvin’s contract, we have updated our FAQ both related to 1Hive and Agave.

Development Updates

  • Progress is continuing on deposit and withdrawal, and their drill-down pages are coming along nicely.
Preview Agave Platform
  • Testing will begin as soon as deposit and withdrawal will be completed.
  • Our team is looking for one more position to fill. If you are a Subgraph developer, please get in touch on our Discord Server.

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