Community Update #24

Datawallet Project Recap

Dear Datawallet Community,

this week we wanted to take the time to reflect on the journey since out token sale, before we kick off the next part of our journey with the soon to be released beta version of the Datawallet platform. We’ve been giving you weekly updates every since February (this week marking number 24 already) and it’s easy to lose an overview of everything that’s been going on. This update is longer than usual, but this just goes to show how much work the Datawallet team has put in these past months. So without further ado, let’s jump right in:


Since the token sale we have found strong partners that share the same values as Datawallet and who can leverage Datawallet’s expressly permissioned data to power their platform. The first partnership we announced post token sale was with Kochava and their XCHNG Platform, allowing consumers to power advertising networks directly with their data, allowing users to decide which advertising platforms can have access to their data and empowering them to profit from the hundreds of billions of dollars currently made by companies selling this data about users without their consent. The same model we applied when working with DATA, a partnership we announced more recently. We further partnered with Distributed Credit Chain (DCC), together working with the aim to further data ownership by creating a more just credit scoring system, which provides reliable and accessible credit data for both customers and financial service providers. Lastly, we announced a partnership with the Korean based Veen Foundation, which is part of publicly listed Finotek Group, allowing consumers to personalize their Liveen profile and power advertising networks directly with their data.



Development of the Datawallet platform picked up steam right after we closed out token sale. We’ve significantly grown our tech team (we will share a post with you this week introducing our new team members) and started by sharing our Phase 1 Roadmap with you. We released our Private Alpha API earlier than expected, while partnering with Fresh Digital Group as our inaugural partner working with the API. This was a very important step for us. To put it in the words of our CEO Serafin Engel: “The release of the private alpha of our Datawallet API marks an important step in fulfilling the vision of Datawallet becoming the data layer of the internet. Powering applications with historic and real time cross-platform data, will not only allow people to train algorithms with existing data rather than having to create it anew for every single platform they interact with, but it will also provide users with a clear overview of who they are sharing data with, for what purpose, all governed by enforceable smart contracts. It moves Datawallet closer to becoming a personal data management platform that serves as a person’s hub for controlling and managing their data”. After updating the Alpha App version of our platform and also releasing DX Research, we have been heads down working on the beta version of our platform ever since, but more on that at the end of this post. We also released the team vesting contracts, vesting 90% of all team tokens for 1 year publicly. Our tech team also started their own blog giving updates from time to time and publishing technical posts, such as this one on memory leaks.


Press & Videos

Datawallet has been mentioned in numerous press articles over the past few months, including comments by our CEO Serafin Engel. We also published a few videos and videos with or by Crypto Community Influencers were released. Please find a small selection below:

We further shared impressions from Datawallet’s Korea Trip, a team video Q&A, an interview by Ivan on Tech with our CEO & CTO, the full speech our CEO Serafin Engel gave at a conference in Korea, an interview in NewsBTC, an update in the Chinese International Business Times and much more.



Among the accomplishments over the past few months was Datawallet’s whitepaper being selected to be presented at at this year’s International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN.) The white paper was reviewed by the prestigious IEEE — the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology, which is hosting the event. Further, Red Herring announced the winners of its Top 100 North America 2018 recently in Los Angeles, recognizing the continent’s most exciting and innovative private technology companies and Datawallet was a chosen winner. We were also very happy to announce that we cam in first place at the Insights Innovation Competition voting. Even though Datawallet only entered the voting 4 days before the end— we managed to pull ahead of the 26 other registered companies thanks to the amazing effort by our community! We also launched our new website with the aim to make the whole of Datawallet easier to understand for the different stakeholders. We had acclaimed tech investor and early bitcoin advocate Jeffrey Wernick join our Advisory Board and started internationalizing our community efforts (starting in China) and continuing with pushing our content in Korean.



The Datawallet Data Exchange Token (DXT) powers Datawallet’s personal data management tools and decentralized data exchange. It plays an integral part in the underlying architecture and users can augment their Datawallet by purchasing different analyses and services with DXT. User can further earn DXT by permissioning their data on the exchange. It has also been added to multiple exchanges, allowing a broader base of users to get their hands on the token:



This is an overview of the past months where our primary focus has been on developing the Datawallet platform. If you have been following us this hopefully gives a ‘all-in-one’ overview of what has happened (even though we have not included everything here to not blow this update out of proportions) and if you’re new to Datawallet this can be your starting point. We will update you on what lies ahead next week and want to thank you for your continued support! Oh and this week Datawallet was also part of a debate by the Council on Foreign Relations on the Future of U.S. Data Privacy After GDPR — with our very own Alex Yergin kicking off the Q&A. Datawallet remains committed to our mission of giving control and ownership of personal data back to the individual who creates it!


The easiest to reach us is via our official Telegram Group— but should you just be interested in our announcements, you can also join our official Telegram Announcements Channel

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