Ethereum Digest: Protocol and ecosystem development, research and debates

28th August — 11th September


GitHub metrics

The number of commits changes every day (in some repositories — several times a day). In in some repositories there are commits for just one day. This prevents us from analyzing development dynamics and from generating relevant statistics.

Developer activity (from

Protocol updates

Eth2.0 Implementers Call #2 [8/30/2018]:

  1. Client Updates
  2. Research Updates
  3. Beacon chain testing lang

Q/A on v2.1

  • shuffling algorithm
  • anything else
  1. Practical details of random beacon and committee selection
  2. Practical VDF implementations
  3. Cross-shard communication
  1. Proof of Custody
  2. Pre-devcon meetup

Ethereum 2.0 Implementers Call 2 Notes.

Ethereum Core Devs Meeting Constantinople Session #1 [08/31/18]:

  1. Three competing EIPs to delay the difficulty bomb and reduce/maintain the block reward:

a. EIP-858 — Delay bomb and reduce block reward to 1 ETH per block.

b. EIP-1234 — Delay bomb and reduce block reward to 2 ETH.

c. EIP-1295 — Delay bomb, keep rewards to 3 ETH, change other factors such as POW incentive structure.

  1. Constantinople EIPs

a. EIP 145: Bitwise shifting instructions in EVM

b. EIP 1218: Simpler blockhash refactoring. We are delaying this one until Istanbul.

c. EIP 1014: Skinny CREATE2

d. EIP 1052: EXTCODEHASH Opcode

e. EIP 1283: Net gas metering for SSTORE without dirty maps

  1. Client Constantinople Updates
  2. Constantinople Testing
  3. (If we have time) Changing PoW algorithm to be ASIC resistant. There is renewed interest from miners to implement ProgPoW.

Different articles/links regarding potential issuance reduction conversation:

After Latest Core Devs Call, EIP 1234 Is A Go.

Ethereum 2.0 Devs Handbook and FAQs.

Layer 1 Should Be Innovative in the Short Term but Less in the Long Term by Vitalik Buterin.

Batched cross-shard transaction fee payment: Vitalik Buterin on sharding.

Simple synchronous cross-shard transaction protocol: sharding.

Plasma chains with enforced consistency between multiple parent chains by Vitalik Buterin.

Parallelizing Lamport’s 99% fault tolerant consensus: Vitalik Buterin on Casper.

Ethereum Engineering Group Live Stream.

Ethereum 2.0 Casper+Sharding Development Update # 12 — Prysmatic Labs:

Research Updates:

  • Simple, Synchronous Cross-shard Transaction Protocol
  • Layer-2 Should be More Innovative in the Long Run

Merged Code, Pull Requests, and Issues:

  • Aligned All Our Code With Latest 2.1 Spec
  • Store Incoming Blocks and States Into a DAG
  • Created Casper Package For All Our FFG Rewards/Penalties Logic
  • Persist Blocks and States in DB

Upcoming Work:

  • Proposer/Attester Interactions via ShardP2P
  • Advancing the Beacon Chain from Genesis Without a Simulator

Casper Standup 66.

Casper Standup 67.

An overview of the Truebit architecture and incentive structure — Harley Swick — video by Ethereum Foundation: Berlin Ethereum Meetup 2018.05.31.

Livepeer´s path to scale video transcoding — Phillip Angele — video by Ethereum Foundation: Berlin Ethereum Meetup — 2018.08.28.

State of Ethereum Protocol #1 by Ben Edgington in ConsenSys blog: A look through all that has been happening in Ethereum’s “Year of Scalability” and progress made on the path towards Ethereum 2.0.

Trinity Ethereum Client v0.1.0-alpha.15 Release — “Dorothy Vaughan”.

Wasabi: A Framework for Dynamically Analyzing WebAssembly by Daniel Lehmann, Michael Pradel.

WebAssembly & The Future of Blockchain Computing: Ethereum’s conception back in 2013 came as a major extension of blockchain technology as a decentralized settlement layer for p2p money into a trustless layer for execution of programs, opening up an entirely new world of applications and programmable money.

Cheap hash functions for zkSNARK merkle-tree proofs, which can be calculated on-chain: zk-s[nt]arks.

GitHub: Roll up — scale Eth with starks from Barry WhiteHat.

Development stuff

LibSubmarine: Temporarily hide transactions on ethereum (cheaply!): Temporarily hide transactions using GasToken.

Etherlime v.0.9 dev framework using ethers.js, now supports unit tests with code coverage. Etherlime tutorial.

Mythril Platform API is Upping the Smart Contract Security Game in ConsenSys blog: a new project that improves the baseline security level of all smart contracts deployed to the Ethereum blockchain.

Revamped Embark documentation.

Getting started with Drizzle + React tutorial.

Solidity gas optimization tips.

Pipeline — IDE for Building Smart Agents: Ethereum Meetup Berlin, August 2018.

The Ultimate ENS and ĐApp Tutorial.

Scaling Ethereum with snarks.

State Channels for Dummies: Part 6 — Unavailability Griefing with Pisa.

Forward Timelocked Contracts (FTLC): State Channels.

Toward frictionless upgradeability from Zeppelin’s Fran Giordano.

Contract upgrade anti-patterns from Trail of Bits.

Rattle — an Ethereum EVM binary analysis framework.

Superblocks releases its new IDE.

BokkyPooBah’s Gas-Efficient Solidity DateTime Library.

Another web3swift with ENS support.

Tutorial on writing private transactions with Parity’s Secret Store.

Boilerplate for Truffle5 + Solium + Zeppelin + Coveralls.

Code for Delegated Execution Subscriptions [EIP1337/EIP948].

Strengthening the weakest link in smart contract security — “onlyOwner”.

Exploring the Ethereum chain with Quickblocks and part 2.

GitHub — OpenZeppelin 2.0 release candidate.

Building Ethereum Dapps on iOS with web3.swift: A new, open source library for Dapps.

Governance and new standards proposals

Core dev call on Constantinople. Decisions made: issuance reduction to 2 ETH per block, 12 month difficulty bomb delay, ProgPoW to be studied for next hard fork.

Initial code for ERC1337’s subscription model.

Aragon Labs governance ideas and experiments.

Dean Eigenmann: Blockchains are not companies.

EIP1355: Ethash1a minimal changes to thwart asic mining.

ERC1361: Standardized AppLink for signing ETH Transactions on mobile.

ERC1363: Payable token for ERC20, a la ERC721.

ERC809/1201: Tokenizing Non-fungible Access.

Last call for ERC1167 minimal proxy contract.

ERC1376: service friendly token.

ERC1384: equity agreement standard.

Ecosystem updates

Community Driven On-Chain Compliance: A push to getting the next 100M users into the crypto ecosystem — Wyre is going to start issuing a kyc/aml NFT for dexes to use.

Understanding Web 3 — A User Controlled Internet by Emre Tekisalp: Coinbase breaks down the motivation and technology behind the development of Web 3. This 3-part post focuses on the why, what and how of the latest chapter in the world wide web’s history, called Web 3. Part 1 explains shortcomings of today’s web and how Web 3 represents an improvement; Part 2 focuses on what the Web 3 stack is; and Part 3 focuses on how developers can build on it.

Compliant Decentralization?: Exploring an Approach to Utility Token Distribution in Zeppelin blog.

Enable all Constantinople hard fork changes in constantinople_test.json #9505.

Parity Implements Constantinople Ahead Of Ethereum Hard Fork: Parity has officially implemented Constantinople to its client software and is ready for testing ahead of Ethereum’s October hard fork. Afri Schoedon of Parity Technologies posted a link to the GitHub pull request on his Twitter feed and was met with positive feedback from the Twitter and reddit spheres.

Rinkeby consensus post-mortem in Infura blog.

Announcing support for .xyz on ENS: .xyz names are now supported by ENS on mainnet.

Scaling Consensus for Enterprise: Explaining the IBFT Algorithm.

New Reddit tipbot supports Dai, KNC, OMG, REQ and DGX.

Alethio’s visualization of opcodes over blocktime.

Dogethereum bridge is live with Doge mainnet and Rinkeby.

Sina Habibian: Identity and reputation in web3.

What Took Me from Mashable to ConsenSys: Media’s future on the Ethereum blockchain.

GörliTesnet team created a cross-client testnet at @ETHBerlin.

Ethereum Obituaries.

Projects updates


0x at ETHBerlin: The 0x team are excited to be attending ETHBerlin.

ETHBerlin Hackathon Project Ideas.

Relayer Report #9 — It’s Conference Season: The latest updates from the 0x ecosystem: September 5th, The 0x V2 Bug Bounty: Up to $100,000 in rewards for critical exploits2018.

Advisory Board Update — Welcome David Sacks: David Sacks has joined the 0x core team’s advisory board. David was the early COO of PayPal, the founder and CEO of Yammer, and is now the General Partner and co-founder at Craft Ventures, which has invested in complementary projects in the crypto-token space including Harbor and Set protocol.


Aragon Labs Research Update #1: Latest news from the Aragon Research & Development department, Labs. Token Curated Registries as Governance Process Experiments. Speaking of delegate voting.

Enter the world of personal DAOs: Introducing personal DAOs.
A personal DAO is your own Aragon DAO that acts as your agent in the decentralized world. A personal DAO borrows all the features you can expect from an Aragon DAO, but it isn’t an organization comprised of multiple people. Aragon DAOs enable:

  • A cohesive identity using the Ethereum Name Service.
  • A way to install more apps that enhance the feature set.
  • A rich permission system in which you can link those apps between them.

A Blockchain Perspective on Three Product #BUIDL’ing Motivations:

  • The New Exciting Thing
  • Talking to Product Users or Potential Users
  • Finishing the Difficult Finish

Biweekly update.


Augur Weekly Report — August 29th: release (v1.4.0).

Augur Weekly Report — September 5th: wish list for Augur v2 on Reddit, Eth San Francisco. Look over Augur’s documentation & API to get some ideas on what to build.


This Month in Crypto: Experimental art, presidential campaign donations, and Yale economic research.

Bookmark your favorite dapps on Coinbase Wallet: Now, you can bookmark your favorite dapps and see them on your Coinbase Wallet homescreen.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Lists ‘Core Principles’ for Institutional Investment Services:Coinbase has unveiled a set of guiding principles designed to facilitate the adoption and growth of its new range of products and services aimed at institutional investors.

The rise of crypto in higher education: Coinbase regularly engages with students and universities across the country as part of recruiting efforts. Coinbase partnered with Qriously to ask students directly about their thoughts on crypto and blockchain.

Blockchain Courses Popular With University Students, Coinbase Study Finds: A recent Coinbase study reveals that University students want to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Commissioned by Coinbase in partnership with Qriously, the survey sampled 675 U.S. students, and it found that students across all majors have an interest in blockchain technology.

Coinbase Pro announces support for trading bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies using British Pounds (GBP).

Coinbase is exploring a crypto ETF, and it has sought help from $6 trillion Wall Street giant BlackRock.


Announcement — HackAtom3 is Live: The 3rd Edition of Hack the Cosmos is all about building useful validator tooling for Cosmos Validators.

Cosmos Launch Communications — August Community Update.


The fast and the furry-ous.

The race to 1,000,000 CryptoKitties is on.

CryptoKitties brings blockchain to life with art exhibit.

CryptoKitties will help German museum explain blockchain: Dapper Labs, the owner of CryptoKitties, makes blockchain-based collectible cats. Now CryptoKitties has partnered with digital art firm Meural to unveil an art exhibit at the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany. The exhibit, “Bringing Blockchain to Life,” will showcase the inner workings of blockchain technology in real time.

Tok’n’talk is getting chatty with your tokens: You can bring any NFT token, including your CryptoKitties, into this new social platform.

A new trait category is coming: Doc Purr reveals the second to last trait category.

Your Kitties are the stars of Crypto Detective: It’s a smart contract mystery using Kitties and Clue Tokens.

Sign SantaClaws’ Christmas petition: Meet one of the first Fancy Cats released into the game.


Developer Tutorial: Simulate Weather in Decentraland Using Real-World Data — how to use external web APIs with the SDK to recreate simple weather in your Decentraland scenes.

Introducing LAND Estates: Group parcels of LAND into Estates for easier development and management.

Developer Tutorial Part II: Simulate Weather in Decentraland Using Real-World Data: Build a simple particle system to recreate rain and snow in your Decentraland Scenes.


Announcing De.Fi, A Community for Decentralized Finance Platforms: De.Fi, a community of Decentralized Finance platforms. De.Fi is an open community of projects that meet the following criteria:

  • The project is building on a decentralized blockchain
  • The project is in the finance industry
  • The project’s code is open source
  • The project includes a robust developer platform

Based on these criteria, Dharma has launching De.Fi with 0x, Dharma, Set, Abacus, and WalletConnect.

Dharma Community Update: 4 September 2018.

Dharma Bug Bounty: ERC721 Collateralization: Up to $5,000 in bounties for critical exploits.


district0x Dev Update — September 4th, 2018: Development progress and product changes from district0x.

The District Weekly — September 8th, 2018: News and updates from the district0x Network.

Design Contest Update, Ideas & Deadlines.

Design Contest Update, Ideas & Deadlines: More Submissions Needed For Back-of-Meme Design.

Community Poll Update & FAQ #4: Results From Poll #4, & Important Reminders.

Official Discord & Ambassador Launch: The next phase of the community & how you can get involved.


Ethfinex Performance Report — Month 6 — August: Monthly insights into the performance of Ethfinex.

Governance: Listing Vote Re-launch and Voting Policies: After seven voting rounds and 24 new tokens listed.


UX challenges in Golem & beyond.

Choose your own Golem: Introducing our Use Case Pipeline.

Brass Golem Beta 0.17.1: The most evident changes are the streamlined task creation GUI, the support for partial task restart in case of subtask timeouts and the fix that should alleviate the issues with the Docker service on Windows.


DAA Strategy Insights: CARUS-AR: In the second interview of our new DAA Strategy Insights series, Menno Peter Pietersen of CARUS-AR explains why he removed his TrueUSD hedge, the reasoning behind his latest rebalancing, and more.

The ICONOMI Digest: INCOMI launched new DAA Strategy Insights series, released first tutorial video, improved SEO to allow for better Google indexing of the ICONOMI website and platform, and more.

Monthly Update VIII.


Development, Fast and Slow: Adapting development practices to the decentralized world

Getting to Know the Keep Team: Hope — Keep continue series of “Getting to Know the Keep Team” with Content Manager, Hope Cowan.

Keep Roundup — August 2018: News and Updates from the Keep Team and Network.

Building a Beacon: The Road to Mainnet: Keep approach to launching on the Ethereum mainnet from prototyping, to audits, and release plans.


Dai Reward Rate — Earn a reward from holding Dai: At launch, Multi-Collateral Dai will include an exciting new feature called the “Dai Reward Rate”.

The Dai Savings Rate: At launch, Multi-Collateral Dai will include a feature called the Dai Savings Rate (DSR). A person who holds Dai can lock and unlock Dai into a DSR contract at any time. Once locked into the DSR contract, Dai continuously accrues, based on a global system variable called the DSR. There are no restrictions or fees for using DSR other than the gas required for locking and unlocking.

Making Maker — September 4th.

The MakerDAO Voting Proxy Contract: This post provides details about the voting proxy contract that is being used in the dapp for the governance vote about the Foundational Principles for Maker.

Ocean Protocol:

ArtDAOs, Curation Markets and TCRs: Simon de la Rouviere and Trent McConaghy in conversation with Erik Torenberg.

The OCEAN Token Airdrop, Back by Popular Demand.

Introducing the Equilibrium Bonding Market: This article presents a new automated market maker design that overcomes issues with bonding curves, for application to curation and staking. It is called “equilibrium bonding market” because it provides the equilibrium price of the bonded token.

Progress Update #3 — August 2018: Ocean launched at the tail end of summer.

A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Arbitrage: New Generating Alpha series: Every week, Ocean’ll be diving into various technical topics in the cryptocurrency market from a beginner’s perspective. Each article will include some foundational knowledge, market data, and the occasional sample code to jumpstart your foray into more advanced concepts and strategies in trading.


Our First Hub is LIVE on mainnet: Spankchain, the first Connext Hub, is officially live on the Ethereum mainnet.

SpankBank v0 Guide: SpankChain launched the SpankBank v0. The smart contracts have been deployed to Ethereum mainnet and the staking UI is up at

SpankBank Hotfix.


Beta Update 0.9.26 — Privacy Policy: Status privacy policy, DApp opt-in and more.

Beta Update 0.9.27 — ETHBerlin Ready: The 0.9.27 release includes a number of enhancements for ETHBerlin — 60 commits with 194 files changed from 16 contributors.

#CommuniTEE Closes, voting begins!

Trinity protocol:

Trinity Monthly Report — Late August: Development Progress (August 16th — August 31st).

Announcement for the official release of the ETH-based Trinity State Channel Protocol.

Announcement of Trinity Simple Node Deployment Platform.

Raiden Network:

Raiden Pulse #1: News from July and August: a bi-monthly summary of all things Raiden — development updates, events, announcements and more.

Raiden v.0.8.0 update.


WeTrust Spring: A New Take On an Age Old System.

The Past, Present, and Future of Fintech.


OmiseGo biweekly update: 28th August — 11th September.

Basic Attention Tokenbiweekly update: 28th August — 11th September.


Parity v2.0.3 beta

Trinity v0.1.0-alpha.15

web3.js 1.0.0-beta.36

Zinc blazes a trail onto the Mainnet.

Bounties Network explorer is live (and get your BRLN coin at ETHBerlin)

Dether is live, so you can trade ETH locally in 120 countries

DDA goes live with 1 week long & short tokens available on ETH/USD (5X multiplier) and BTC/USD (1X multiplier).

bZx announces Mainnet Launch, releases ZK Labs Security Audit, and unveils upcoming Relay Integrations.

Protocol Weekly — Issue #6 — in 8x Protocol blog: Protocol Weekly is a newsletter to exclusively showcase the progress of Ethereum layer-2 protocols.

Introducing ShapeShift Membership: ShapeShift Membership is a loyalty program. Benefits, depending on level, may include higher trading limits, rewards on trading volume, better pricing, private market and trade data, and early access to new coins, products and services.

Gnosis: Olympia Returns — Gnosis will be running prediction market tournaments on a regular basis — starting with Berlin Blockchain week.

Quick Update on Carbon Vote 1 and 2: Digix’s two votes — rewards pool 4.2%, 97% voted to give them 20m USD, 34% participation.

AirSwap Technology and a New Model for Tokenized Securities.

Geth v1.8.15: miner fixes and more aggressive uncle inclusion.

An early Brave 1.0 beta release. Current Brave stats: >4m mau.

Peepeth cancelled the Kickstarter and is doing a crypto-only fundraiser.

GitHub — web3.js 1.0.0-beta.36.

Storj Launches V3 Private Alpha.

Access: How We’re Cracking the Code to Financial Inclusion in Africa.

Bloom- Development Update: Mainnet Launch, Blockchain UX Improvements, Open Source Developer Bounties & More.

Maecenas raised 1.7m for 31.5% of an Andy Warhol painting.

Dmunity has a beta release of their Reddit-like app on Ethereum.

uPort -Readying the 3Box DB Platform: 3Box by uPort, Developer Update #2.

Kyber Network Tutorial — How To Swap Tokens: how to swap or trade cryptocurrency tokens using Kyber from any Ethereum wallet or MyEtherWallet.

Town Square — a web3 version of Disqus using Eth + IPFS.

Enterprise: Quorum v2.1.0.’s Epirus enterprise platform — Quorum, Crux, an enterprise focused block explorer.

Updates on Ethereum’s Moon Project: Formal proofs, parallel FVM and ideas for mass adoption.

Introducing Origin Messaging: Decentralized, Secure, and Auditable: integrated new messaging protocol into the Origin demo DApp. Origin messaging service using OrbitDB. Sign a message to create an Origin message private key that lives in local storage.

bZx Deploys Margin Trading Protocol On Ethereum Mainnet.

Welcome To Sheikah: A First Look At Witnet’s Desktop Client Prototype.

FunFair to launch this month after it got a Curaçao gambling license.

Opinion and research articles

Ethereum in BigQuery: a Public Dataset for smart contract analytics: the Ethereum dataset publicly available for analysis in Google BigQuery.

Liberal Radicalism: Formal Rules for a Society Neutral Among Communities by Vitalik Buterin
(Ethereum Foundation), Zoë Hitzig (Harvard University — Department of Economics), E. Glen Weyl (Microsoft Research New York City; Princeton University — Julis Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance).

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin might have a solution to crypto funding problem: Free-riders, that is, people or businesses profiting from the under-provision of public goods is in the crypto ecosystem. As noted in a new paper written by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Microsoft researcher Glen Weyl and Ph.D. of economics at Harvard, Zoë Hitzig.

Thoughts on Liberal Radicalism by Luke Duncan of Aragon project.

Layer One And Done? Maybe Not, Says Buterin: In a recent blog post, Vitalik Buterin argued that there are still some significant layer one protocol changes needed for the Ethereum blockchain (and others), but that in the long term, continual significant layer one protocol solutions require too much governance to sustain decentralization.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin shares his view on Plasma, sharding & layer-2 solutions: Vitalik Buterin, recently shared his view on whether development should focused on the layer 1 or layer 2 functionalities in blockchains. He presents his point by mentioning that debates regarding the scaling of blockchains is common, in circumstances, such as sharding or block size increases as layer 1 solutions and payment channels or Plasma as layer 2 solutions.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin speaks on ‘collapse of ETH’.

Crypto Growth Nears `Ceiling,’ Ethereum Co-Founder Buterin Says.

Ethereum 2.0 — Who’s building it?

It’s dAppening (Part II) in ETHBerlin blog.

Community and Funding at the Ethereum Meetup 2018: Joe Lubin (ConsenSys), Aya Miyaguchi (Ethereum Foundation), Cassandra Shi (Ethereum Community Fund), Vivek Singh (Gitcoin) and Jutta Steiner (Parity Technologies) talk community and funding at the Ethereum Meetup 2018 produced by TechCrunch in Zug, Switzerland.

Ethereum Co-Founder Wood Sees ICOs Evolving: Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood discusses cryptocurrencies with Bloomberg’s Lisa Abramowicz, Joe Weisenthal and Caroline Hyde on “What’d You Miss?” (Source: Bloomberg).

Ethereum Co-founder: “ICO’s Still Have a While to Run”: While speaking to Bloomberg, Ethereum Co-founder, Gavin Wood, discussed Ethereum and how the ICO markets will evolve. Wood also responded to questions from the show’s hosts regarding the market downturn, and how that affects digital infrastructure development.

Why We Need Web 3.0 by Gavin Wood.

Yahoo interview with Joseph Lubin.

Ethereum Cofounder Joseph Lubin Doubts Tether Bitcoin Price Manipulation: Ethereum cofounder Joseph Lubin said on Yahoo Finance’s Final Round August 28, that he doubts manipulation accusations against stablecoin Tether (USDT).

Ethereum co-founder sees growth in crypto industry: Joseph Lubin on

Joseph Lubin and Jimmy Song discuss the terms of their bet.

Ethereum [ETH] Co-Founder plans to revolutionize the media industry with ‘Civil’.

ETHEREUM Ethereum [ETH]’s Joseph Lubin discusses ConsenSys, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Benedikt Bünz on Bulletproofs and Verifiable Delay Functions: Benedikt Bünz talks VDFs and bulletproofs on ZeroKnowledge.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong: 1 Billion People Will Be in Crypto Ecosystem in 5 Years.

Interview with MakerDAO: Maker DAO’s Rune Christensen on Stable Report.

BAT: “I’m Johnny Ryan, Brave’s Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer. AMA!”

Firefox Founder Explains Why Brave Browser Couldn’t Use Bitcoin Instead of BAT: Brave Browser CEO Brendan Eich, who created Firefox and JavaScript, has clarified the decision of the Brave team to utilize a token called BAT over Bitcoin to incentivize publishers on the network.

Augur’s Joey Krug with Laura Shin.

Nadav Hollander with Laura Shin: podcast.

The Third Web #5 — Zilliqa & Singapore: Arthur Falls returns with an interview of Zilliqa’s Amrit Kumar and Xinshu Dong.

Giveth: Open Source Block Explorers: the thirteenth open call coordinating the creation of quality open source EVM block explorers.

Building Gnosis : Prediction Markets, DutchX protocol & Safe With Co-Founder Stefan George: Gnosis CTO Stefan George on Inchained.

Kleros — Crowdsourced Arbitration for Blockchain Applications: Kleros on Epicenter.

Hashing It Out #21: Mythril — Bernhard Mueller: The new Mythril platform beefs up the symbolic analyzer as well as adding static analysis tools and linters (Maru), a dynamic analyzer and input fuzzer (Harvey) and an API for easy integration into a developer’s processes.

eToro CEO Reminds Investors Ethereum (ETH) Still the Most Popular Smart Contract Platform.

Ethereum’s ASIC Rebellion Heats Up With New Effort to Brick Big Miners.

Hackathon winners interview (the joint 3rd place, ENS girls).

ENS Workshop Retrospective: the key takeaways from every session. On the 10th of August 2018, the ENS team hosted a unconference style workshop to discuss important topics around ENS and its future.

Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup — Raiden Network: Raiden developer Jacob Czepluch does a presentation of the Raiden Network for the Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup.

EEA Invites Telecom Leaders to Unite and Discuss Blockchain’s Enterprise Ethereum Future: EEA, SK Telecom, KDDI Corporation and the University of California to Host Meeting In Advance of Mobile World Congress Americas.

The Ethfinex Governance Summit: The Ethfinex Governance Summit is an event dedicated to the exploration of models of decentralised governance (September 29–1 October 2018).

DevCon 4 Will Set the Stage for Ethereum’s Next Milestone: Constantinople.

Upcoming events:


Mapping out human metadata to 500 million transactions on Ethereum: As of August of 2018, the Ethereum mainnet has recorded the transactions of over 37 million wallet addresses, representing over $100 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency.

Melonomics Part 2: The Melon Engine: The Melonport token design.

Changing token models: Broken promises or a necessary innovation? — Ambrož Homar: Is changing token models breaking promises or innovation.

The More the Merrier: Smart Contracts and Multiparty Leases byMo Shaikh, Cofounder of Meridio.

Can we save the utility token? — Introducing a dynamic bonding curve token model — A multi-phase bonding curve token model for decentralised SaaS.

Token Bonding Curves in Practice: Exploring A Universal Distribution of IP via NFTs + Curation Markets by Pauk Kohlhaas.

Ethereum’s Internal Strife Brushed Aside as ETH Growth Competes With Bitcoin: Ethereum has been a step or two behind Bitcoin for a while now. Since the crash of early August any recovery made by Ethereum has been bettered by Bitcoin. But as of Tuesday, Aug 28th, Ethereum;s growth is almost pushing ahead that of Bitcoin’s, as the market benefits from a 34% boost to global volumes over the last forty-eight hours.

Final Vote Results Show 99.7% In Favor of Issuance Reduction: After a month long vote on what to do regarding ethereum’s block reward levels, the results are in, with 150,821.4 eth, worth about $42 million, voting for a reduction to 2eth per block or one eth. Only 348.7 eth, or about $96,000, have voted to maintain issuance where it is or even to increase it to 5eth per block.

Yahoo Finance Integrates Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Trading.

Transfer Ethereum tokens without Ether — An ERC20 Improvement to Seriously Consider.

Ethereum Days Destroyed Spike, Digix Moves Half a Million Eth, ◊54,000 Sent to Gemini.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Shorts Near All Time High With ◊70,000 Added: Ethereum shorts have made the biggest daily green candle ever this Wednesday with 70,000 eth, worth more than $15 million, added in the past 24 hours. The weekly shorts candle, in addition, is the biggest ever by far with many traders seemingly betting during the past 24 hours that eth has more to go down.

September 6th:Ethereum Hits a 12-Month Low as the Cryptocurrency Market Retreats: The second largest cryptocurrency continues to fall as investor interest fades in ICOs.

Ether plunges more than bitcoin, frustrating investors who believed it was the better alternative:

  • The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency is down more than 70 percent this year.
  • Investor patience is wearing thin — mainstream adoption isn’t here yet, people can now short the market, and competitors are gunning to be the top blockchain platform.
  • “People started building apps and software, but the market got ahead of itself — they are realizing you have to be in it for the long haul, and some investors don’t have the patience,” Kyle Samani, managing partner at crypto hedge fund Multicoin Capital.

TechCrunch published a sloppy anti-ETH op-ed this week (no link). Check out Ameen Soleimani’s response and Vitalik Buterin’s.

A false report may have tumbled cryptoasset prices this week, but Nathaniel Popper says Goldman is still moving forward with cryptoasset futures/forwards.

Brayton Williams on using and investing in dapps.

ERC998 and the future of blockchain game assets.

Dynamic token bonding curves.

With issuance reduction to 2 ETH per block, Bitcoin and Ethereum now have similar inflation rates.

Ethereum Price Drops to $179; Vitalik Buterin Fights Back on Twitter.

Ethereum is down 90% from highs — Reddit discussion.

Bridging the Fiat-Crypto Divide: OpenLaw has integrated Chainlink’s decentralized oracle service to denominate agreements in USD and settle them in ether, creating the first real-world link between traditional agreements and fiat currencies.

Gemini and Paxos Both Launch Stablecoins on Ethereum Blockchain: Two crypto companies, Gemini Trust and Paxos, got a green light from a New York state regulator to launch their own stablecoins pegged 1:1 to the U.S. dollar.


Release Step 3.1: Metropolis phase 2: Constantinople, 2018.

Ethereum’s developers are gearing up to launch the platform’s next hard fork, Constantinople. Its activation is scheduled to take place by October 30th. Constantinople is designed to increase efficiency and lower transaction fees.
Release Step Four: Serenity, TBA. Serenity is meant to move from consensus through Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake.

Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork to Go Live in October in FutureSin blog: ETH’s developers are planning to launch the platform’s next hard fork, Constantinople.

Partnerships and team members

Civil, the blockchain journalism startup, has partnered with one of the oldest names in media: Civil, the two-year-old crypto startup that wants to save the journalism industry by leveraging the blockchain and cryptoeconomics, has partnered with the 172-year-old Associated Press to help the wire service stop bad actors from stealing its content.

Mobilizing Collaboration: Bounties Network + Status: Bolstering participation on open source projects through full integration with the Status mobile app.

Doge-Eth second demo: Dogecoin just transferred doge over the dogethereum bridge.

Wirex Crypto App Adds Ethereum Wallet: Ethereum is now part of the Wirex cryptocurrency application.

Blockchain for Everyone: Coursera and ConsenSys Launch Certificate for Non-Developers: The blockchain organization makes another education-related move.

Malicious MEGA.Nz Targets Ethereum and Monero Wallets:, the popular file sharing, and cloud storage platform, was breached by a Google Chrome extension that stole private keys from Ethereum and Monero wallets. The malicious extension has since been removed by the Google engineers.

Inside the BMW and Bloom Partnership: Streamlining the Lending Experience: Bloom announces its partnership with BMW Group Financial Services to streamline its customer journey and lending experience as part of the BMW Collaboration Lab 2018.

Opera’s Ethereum Wallet Now Lets You Send CryptoKitties to Your Friends.

TenX: We’re not renewing our Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) membership.

uPort — 3Box is hiring a Technical Community Lead.

New OmiseGO hiring page.


Elon Musk — @elonmusk: “At this point, I want ETH even if it is a scam”.

The collapse of ETH is inevitable — TechCrunch.

Ethereum’s Next Upgrade Could Be the $29 Billion Blockchain’s Biggest Test Yet: in a upcoming October upgrade named Constantinople, ethereum is faced with a perhaps unique challenge — how to find a balance between a web of diverse stakeholders, each battling for different outcomes.

Why Ethereum is the Java of Blockchain.

CBOE May Launch Ether Futures by the End of 2018.

Ethereum makes breakthrough in agriculture for the farmers in Moscow: Ethereum has made its way in the fields of agriculture with the government of Moscow working to devise a system that will allocate trading spots to farmers for weekend market.

Korean Entertainment Project Taps Ethereum Blockchain in K-Pop Idol Search: Z-POP Dream Project, a South Korea based entertainment provider, plans to use blockchain technology to find the next K-pop talent and develop a new entertainment platform. K-pop is a form of South Korean popular music.

Ethereum is being hit with the exact same playbook used on IOTA.

Ethereum’s future depends on comprehension and community support.

Augur Sold 1 Million Ethereum at $0.7, Why Experts Say It Was the Right Decision: According to cryptocurrency researcher Dovey Wan, the decentralized prediction marketplace Augur sold around 1 million Ethereum at $0.7 immediately following its fundraising round.

Reddit — It’s time to take back the narrative around Ether and Ethereum. Ethereum is the future of digital, decentralized finance.

Should you invest in Ethereum this year?

First real-life usage of Plasma: don’t wait a second to buy coffee with cryptocurrency: BANKEX Plasma unveils its first use case — buying coffee from a vending machine with crypto. This is the first realization of the Plasma blockchain, a solution originally proposed by Vitalik Buterin for the Ethereum main network.

Top 4 Solutions to Ethereum’s Scalability Issues: Abacus, Connext, Liquidity Network, and Airswap are Layer two applications which can help with Ethereum’s scalability issues.

Social media activity

Social media activity

Facebook — official announcement channel. Recent publications — about Ethereum Core Devs Meetings, Conferences, Devcon4 — (20–100 likes per publication).

Twitter (Ethereum) — official announcement channel — duplicates news from Facebook page (250–500 likes per publication, 30–50 comments). Average number of shares is 100–200 for one post.

Twitter (Ethereum Network) — news from companies (10–20 likes per publication, 1–5 comments, 1–10 shares).

Twitter (Ethereum Report) — retweets from official announcement channel and team members’ pages.

Reddit — news about projects and blockchain, links to interviews, podcasts, upcoming events. The longest thread has 161 comments (Welcome to r/ethereum — the Reddit frontpage of the Web 3.0).

Information from

YouTube (Ethereum) — last video — 27th July 2017 (5000–20 000 views per video).

YouTube (Ethereum Foundation) — videos from conferences, meetups, Ethereum Core Devs Meetings. 2–3 videos / month.

Ethereum Community Forum — Recent Discussions: Forum has been hacked, Security alert, Forums Database Compromised, Help Stop Forum Spam, Developing Guidelines for acceptable Promotion and Marketing on the Ethereum Forum.

Ethereum in social media

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