Table of Contents

Cause Medium doesn’t do a great job of it.

In the past 18 months I’ve done a fair amount of writing on topics of:

  1. Product Management Tactics
  2. Career
  3. Market observations
  4. Gender
  5. Misc musings on life
  6. Weekly recaps of what I’ve learned
  7. Notes and write ups from events I attend

Since Medium doesn’t provide a handy way to index these pieces, or bounce around from piece to piece, I’m publishing that here.

I plan to update this index as I publish more — keep it alive!!

So, without further ado. My work:

1. Product Management Tactic-y stuff:

2. Career:

3. Market Observations

4. Gender:

5. Miscellaneous musing on life:

6. This Week I learned:

When I was trying to start writing more, I began by just writing out what I was learning every week. Really easy entry point to publishing more.

7. Notes and recaps from events

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