Export your LinkedIn contacts to CSV File — Build mailing list

By Linked Helper you can export your LinkedIn contacts to CSV File. Furthermore, you can build a targeted mailing list.

How to export all your 1st LinkedIn connections to CSV file or MS Excel:

How to export targeted LinkedIn contacts / connections into CSV file or MS Excel:

  1. Go to “Profiles extractor” settings. By default, you will see the list named “ALL”. This list collects queued and extracted profiles from all other lists.

2. Choose “…create new” list, type list name and click “Add” button

3. Go to the search page. Set your search filters. Set Relationship: «1st Connections»; And press “Collect contacts from search”. After this Linked Helper will go through all search results and — pull all contacts in the queue.

4. Open your LinkedIn tab in a separate Chrome window and do not minimize / not collapse it. You can do this by dragging down your LinkedIn tab. You need to do this because LinkedIn doesn’t load a profile page (freezes it) if Linkedin is in an inactive Chrome tab.

5. Go to “Extract” tab and click “Extract collected profiled”. The program will go through queued (collected) profiles and stores them into your browser memory.

My recommendation is to extract 150 profiles per period and set 24 hours between periods. Linked Helper will continue its work automatically in the same tab.

6. Go to “Export” tab and click “Download CSV File”. By default CSV file will be created compatible with Google Sheets, but you can switch to MS Excel format (not recommend for profiles in other languages).

If you collected profiles, which have text in other languages, and you want to export them to Excel, you have two options:

  1. Export to Google Sheet and then to Excel from Google Sheet
  2. Export in MS Excel format and use instruction from this link https://medium.com/linked-helper/how-to-import-csv-file-into-ms-excel-b4aee2f30375#.z8f8r8ybs



You will get a file with these fields:

'Full name',
'Profile url',
'First name',
'Last name',
'Phone 1',
'Phone 1 type',
'Phone 2',
'Phone 3 type',
'Phone 3',
'Phone 3 type',
'Messenger 1',
'Messenger 1 type',
'Messenger 2',
'Messenger 3 type',
'Messenger 3',
'Messenger 3 type',
'Website 1',
'Website 2',
'Website 3',
'Organization 1',
'Organization Title 1',
'Organization Start 1',
'Organization End 1',
'Organization Description 1',
'Organization Location 1',
'Organization 2',
'Organization Title 2',
'Organization Start 2',
'Organization End 2',
'Organization Description 2',
'Organization Location 2',
'Organization 3',
'Organization Title 3',
'Organization Start 3',
'Organization End 3',
'Organization Description 3',
'Organization Location 3',
'Organization 4',
'Organization Title 4',
'Organization Start 4',
'Organization End 4',
'Organization Description 4',
'Organization Location 4',
'Organization 5',
'Organization Title 5',
'Organization Start 5',
'Organization End 5',
'Organization Description 5',
'Organization Location 5',
'Organization 6',
'Organization Title 6',
'Organization Start 6',
'Organization End 6',
'Organization Description 6',
'Organization Location 6',
'Organization 7',
'Organization Title 7',
'Organization Start 7',
'Organization End 7',
'Organization Description 7',
'Organization Location 7',
'Education 1',
'Education Degree 1',
'Education FOS 1',
'Education Grade 1',
'Education Start 1',
'Education End 1',
'Education Description 1',
'Education 2',
'Education Degree 2',
'Education FOS 2',
'Education Grade 2',
'Education Start 2',
'Education End 2',
'Education Description 2',
'Education 3',
'Education Degree 3',
'Education FOS 3',
'Education Grade 3',
'Education Start 3',
'Education End 3',
'Education Description 3',

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