[TL;DR] TomoChain 2018 Progress

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Dear TomoChain Community,

We would like to share our progress in term of project development, marketing and community activities. None of these could have been done without the great support and contribution from our vibrant community.

[Xmas, 2017–2nd March 2018] Tomocoin ICO (Total raised: $8.5m)

Presale: $7.5m — The PRICE during presale was 0.2 USD

Public Sale: $1m — The PRICE during public sale was 0.25 USD = 0.0003125ETH

Circulating supply 55m. Total supply 100m.

The real TomoCoin is $TOMO

Tomocoin Token Address: 0x8b353021189375591723e7384262f45709a3c3dc

Token Symbol: TOMO

Decimals: 18

[Who are we and What we are doing?]

Tomochain is a public chain providing the scalability solution that supports instant confirmation, near zero transaction fee, and smart contracts via a system of 150 Masternodes which will be an ideal solution for decentralized apps, token issuances and token integrations for small and big businesses alike. Security, stability and chain finality are guaranteed via novel techniques such as double validation, staking via smart-contracts and randomization processes.

[March, 2018]

[Event] Vietnam Blockchain Week

[Listing] $TOMO listing on IDEX and KKCOIN

[Partnership] Tomochain and Bigbom Eco Partnership

[Partnership] Tomochain and Tech in Asia Partnership and Welcome Willis Wee — Co-founder of TechInAsia to Tomochain as our Advisor.

[Partnership] Tomochain and Binkabi Partnership

[Event] #Hashed Lounge in Korea: Blockchain in Vietnam

[Product Update] Tomochain — Product Development Status related to the Tomo work on Github

[April, 2018]

[Event] BlockBuster #1 in Seoul

[Partnership] Tomochain and OChain Partnership

[Event] Southeast Asia Blockchain Innovation Summit

[Event] Hey Blockchain!

[Bounty Program] White paper Translation — 1st Bounty Program

[May, 2018]

[Event] Wdas.world — Singapore

[Partnership] Tomochain — VNext Partnership Announcement

[Listing] $TOMO listing on Hotbit.io with 2 pairs TOMO/ETH & TOMO/BTC

[Update] Tomochain Product Update May 11th, 2018

[Event] Meetup with Huobi.pro in Vietnam organized by Tomochain

[Partnership] Tomochain and Midas Protocol Partnership

[Listing] $TOMO listing on Kucoin with 2 pairs TOMO/ETH & TOMO/BTC

[Listing] $TOMO listing on Gate.io with 2 pairs TOMO/ETH & TOMO/USDT

[Event] NYC Blockchain — New York

[Event] Blockchain Festival Vietnam presented by Huobi.pro

[Event] Co-host Hackathon with PolicyPal — HCMC, Vietnam

[Update] Product development Update (related to a new roadmap and PoS masternode concensus)

Tomochain Events in May, 2018

[June, 2018]

[Event] Blockchain Forum: Vision and Development organized by VnExpress under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology — Hanoi, VN (Details)

[Blockchain Comparison №1] Blockchain comparison overview: EOS.IO, Casper FFG, Cardano, Tendermint and Tomochain

[Partnership] Tomochain — Kambria Partnership Announcement

[Listing] $TOMO listing on VNBIG with 2 pairs TOMO/ETH & TOMO/USDT

[Blockchain Comparison №2] Tomochain vs EOS.IO: The battle of PoSV vs DPoS or just some coincidence of design philosophy?

Tomochain Events in June, 2018

[July, 2018]

[Event] 2018 Asia Digital Asset and Blockchain Congress — Tokyo, Japan

[Event] Token Sky event — Tokyo, Japan (20% off promotion code: tks7as16g7)

[Event] Tomochain Meetup — Tokyo, Japan

[Event] Product development conference — Jakata, Indonesia

[Listing] $TOMO listed on KyberSwap

[Event] TXGX — Tech forum by Gound X 2018 — Korea

[Event] Tomochain Hackathon — Hanoi, VN (21st-22nd July)

[Partnership] Tomochain — ORCA Partnership Announcement

[Partnership] Tomochain — TE-FOOD Partnership Announcement

[Event] Vietnam Blockchain Day— Hanoi, Vietnam

[Event] TGB Seminar in FPT Head Quater — Hanoi, Vietnam

[Event] Token Able — Korea-Vietnam Blockchain Ecosystem — HCM, Vietnam

Tomochain Events in July, 2018

[August, 2018]

[Event] 1st AMA with Tomochain(Video) — Written Version

[Event] Ethereum Hanoi Meetup: Introduction

[Partnership] Tomochain — FarmaTrust Partnership Announcement

[Event] OKEx Global Meetup Tour 2018 — HCMC, Vietnam

[Event] VINEX ~ Vietnam innovation network exchange— Hanoi, VN

[Update] Launching the public testnet 2.0 with POSV and Masternodes

[Update] Tomochain Economics Paper

[Event] Blockfesta 2018 — Seoul, Korea.

[Partnership] Tomochain — Edenchain Partnership Announcement

[Listing] TOMO listed on Yobit and Cryptology

TomoWallet is officially released!
TomoChain Mainnet has officially been launched


Welcome to TomoChain blog. Follow us to get the official news and good reads from TOMO team. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!

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Welcome to TomoChain blog. Follow us to get the official news and good reads from TOMO team. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!

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