Agave Development Update #11 / 11–18 June, 2021

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3 min readJun 19, 2021


Agave Development Update #11 / 11–18 June, 2021

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Welcome to the #11 Agave Weekly Update. We are finalizing the very last details before finally launching our lending platform, and lots of things are happening behind scenes. Here are a few info related to the past week. 🚀

General Updates

  • 1Hive’s farms on Polygon will be live on July 1st. Over 85k worth of Agave are on the Polygon network now. Users are still invited to provide liquidity there as well, to benefit the upcoming pComb token airdrop. For more details, you can check this article.
Agave on Polygon
  • As roughly 5500 Agave are now secured in the safety module, the APY for staking is now around 17%.
Agave Staking APY
  • During the last week we have worked hard on our “Agave Bounty Program”, which will be essential to involve the community, extend our decentralization and spread awareness around Agave, its possibilities, and its multiple use cases.
  • In the coming weeks we will be drafting up the NFT quest doc, and more news is expected to come from that end.
  • We’re inviting the community to present ideas on how we can use the NFTs. We are brainstorming multiple ideas, that so far include: apy boost for various communities, voting power boost, discount on swapping Agave and Honey on Honeyswap.
  • Alvin: After the deployment of the Agave platform, the DAO should start working on repairing the damage caused by the Alvin exploit.
  • For a general overview of 1hive’s ecosystem, we’ve published a monthly recap available on this forum post.

Development Updates

  • Testing: We have been busy working on the Gardens DAO, ready to be tested on Rinkeby. This is the new interface where users will be able to create and vote on proposals, and much more. To participate in the testing, please follow these instructions: 1.) Go to this link — GardensDAO. 2.) connect your Wallet on the Rinkeby testnet. 3.) post funding proposal 4.) post adding collateral 5.) post removal of collateral 6.) change risk parameter suggestions 7.) vote.

Get Rinkeby wETH here / Get Rinkeby Dai here

Here a quick guide step-by-step on how to get Rinkeby Agave:

1.) Click Here — Agave Faucet.

2.) Connect wallet on the Rinkeby testnet.

3.) On the Tokens page, click on “Add Token” (permissions are granted).

Add Tokens (Mint Test-Agve)

4.) You now have some testing Agave (Token Address is 0x550c6e72f243f2e506585ae3a8a8cbfbed8e0ec0). You’ll need to go to the Gardens DAO

5.) Wrap your Agave-test tokens.

Wrap your Test-Agve

6.) You can now vote and create proposals with the newly wrapped agave.

Please, feel free to share any valuable feedback. This update will highly improve the user experience with voting, allowing to vote also with the staked agave.

  • More Testing: For what concerns public participation in testing, we will be handing out a Rinkeby URL on Monday morning, June 21st, with basic deposit and withdrawal capabilities, and will iterate from there.
  • Agave’s family is welcoming a new PM in its team.

Useful Links:

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1Hive Discord: 1Hive Discord — 1Hive — Agave Channel

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