How do you know which idea to write about today?

How do you know which idea to talk about today?

Take 20 minutes and solve someone’s #1 problem.

It’s that easy.

I learned that from Bryan Harris (@Harris_Bryan)

How do you know which idea to write about today?

You probably have a folder of ideas that you could talk about. But how do you choose?

You need to take 20 minutes today and just solve your fan’s #1 problem.

It’s that easy. I learned that from Bryan Harris. Here’s how to do it:

1. You decide who it is that you’re talking to. Preferably pick a real person — somebody that you know that has engaged with your content.

2. Ask yourself what is their problem? Really, what is holding them back?

3. Brainstorm some ways to fix that problem.

4. Write it out.

For example:

Your problem is that you haven’t got started yet doing a blog. So here’s how you do it: Steps A, B, and C.


Your problem is that you need help understanding this theological concept. These are the 3 things to know…

Try following the above process day to day. Think about some problem your fan might have, and quickly write out your way of solving it. This habit will make you a better writer.

This habit will also let you provide your fans with broad range answers to different kinds of problems they face. By making this into a daily habit, you assure that you will bring fresh eyes to the task and move over a range of different problems to solve — whatever happens to be on your mind that day.

Take advantage of the fact that your thoughts will be different from day to day. Everyday, whatever that thing is that is on your mind as a problem to solve, that’s the thing to write about.

It’s so easy. Everyday you can repeat it.

Will You Try It?

If you would like to test out this exercise, I would love to see your work. Comment below to share your own problem-solution example.

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