Ontology Turns One Year Old

Today marks one year since the official launch of Ontology on November 27th, 2017. Ontology has made great strides in our first year, moving from white paper publication, to MainNet launch, to an ever-growing ecosystem. Below we share our progress in the past year in a timeline. Click on the links throughout the article to read more on the topic.


Timeline key

🔧 Technology / ⛰ Milestone / 🤝 Partnership

⚓️ Trust anchor / 🍬 Airdrop / 🎥 Offline event

Q4 2017

November: Introductory White Paper released

🎥 November 27th: Ontology launch in New York City

December 21st: Technology White Paper released

December 27th: Ontology joins MIIT dAppLedger, Decentralized Identity Foundation, KPMG’s Top 50 Fintech Companies in China

Q1 2018

🍬 January 8th: Ontology announces 1,000 ONT airdrop to all newsletter subscribers

🍬 January 31st: Ontology airdrops 500 ONT to each attendee at NEO DevCon

February 8th: Ecosystem White Paper released

February 9th: Onchain chosen to be part of Microsoft Accelerator

🍬 March 1st: 0.2 ONT per 1 NEO begins to be distributed to NEO holders by the NEO Council

🔧 March 30th: First projects go live on GitHub

Q2 2018

🤝 April: First venture capitals and ecosystem partners announcement

April 13: First version of Ontology roadmaps released

🔧 April 17th: Smart contract support across VMs complete

🔧 April 27th: VBFT consensus support complete

🔧 April 27th: Smart contract IDE SmartX launched

🤝 May: NAGA, Baimaohui, SlowMist, NEO, and COT partnerships announced

🔧 May 4th: WASM support complete

🔧 May 7th: Network optimization complete

🔧 May 10th: CLI command set and virtual terminal complete

🔧 May 16th: Authority management complete

🔧 May 16th: Pluggable DB support complete

🎥 May 17th: Ontology London meetup

🤝 June: Points, CarBlock, Contentos, and DAD partnerships announced

🔧 June: NCC Group completed Ontology codebase

June 6th: First advisors announced

June 8th: Ontology Global Capital launched

🔧 June 12th: Transaction parallel verification support complete

🎥 June 27th: Ontology MainNet pre-launch event in San Francisco

🎥 June 30th: Ontology Tokyo meetup

🔧 June 30th: Ontology MainNet goes live

Q3 2018

🤝 July: CCX, BDN, Cocos, LianAn Technology, and CertiK partnerships announced

⚓️ July 5th: CFCA trust anchor announced

🔧 July 10th: Comprehensive dApp ONTO launched

⚓️ July 11th: IdentityMind Global trust anchor announced

🔧 July 21st: First batch of nodes finalized

🤝 August: Adrealm, Spokkz, and ALLIVE partnerships announced

🔧 August 8th: Desktop wallet OWallet launched

August 22nd: ONT ID added to W3C DID specification

🎥 August 24th: Ontology MainNet event Tokyo (corporate)

🎥 August 25th: Ontology MainNet event Tokyo (public)

🤝 September: Muzika and TOP partnerships announced

🎥 September: Ontology meetups in Singapore, Jakarta, and Taipei

⚓️ September 27th: 4Stop trust anchor announced

⚓️ September 28th: SenseTime trust anchor announced

Q4 2018

🤝 October: GenkiCell, Evernym and Sovrin, and MIXMARVEL partnerships announced

🔧 October 5th: Threshold signatures support complete

🔧 October 5th: Side-chain and cross-chain POC complete

🔧 October 5th: Chain network POC complete

🔧 October 8th: Parallel ledger writing complete

⚓️ October 8th: Shufti Pro trust anchor announced

🔧 October 17th: DHT Kademila/Chord complete

🎥 October 30th: Ontology San Francisco meetup

🤝 November: Ubitis and DVP partnerships announced

🎥 November 1st: Ontology Seattle meetup

November 8th: Ontology Research Institute opens

🔧 November 8th: dApp development framework Punica Suite launches

Other mentions


When Ontology was launched the team was a little under 30 people. Now, the team is made up of around 80 people — one of the biggest public blockchain teams — and is continuing to grow week by week. We are always looking to expand our team, see if you are a fit by looking at the positions on the Onchain website, or drop us an email at hr@ont.io.


The tech community is crucial for Ontology’s development as a public blockchain platform, shown in its large allocation to developers. At present, our technical bounty program has received over 200 applications and 20 bounties are in progress or complete. Outside of the bounty program, independent developer groups have started to form and we look forward to the community expanding.

The developer community is an area of strategic importance to Ontology which we can expand much more on. If you are a developer, or know someone who would be interested, we invite you to check out Ontology:

We have also grown other online communities in the past year:

A big thank you to our community admins and other community members who help share the project message, answer questions, and provide crucial feedback to the Ontology team. You are of great importance to the future development of Ontology and adoption of blockchain technology. It has been a pleasure to work together.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, we look forward to the next year of the project!

The Ontology Team