Why I Won’t Upgrade My Phone Until It Can Turn into a Magic Pony
Jessica Powell

Two minutes of microwave radiation from ordinary, old-fashioned cellphones opens the blood-brain barrier and floods the brain with toxic chemicals. This has been thoroughly confirmed since 2003, with huge damage being found in the brains of rats after a single two-hour exposure to cellphone handset radiation.

The wireless industry’s own ECOLOG review study in 2000 warned of cancer, genetic damage, and birth deformities from microwave radiation. This was all ignored.

Psychologist Jean Twenge, who has been tracking behavioural trends in young people over the decades, says all the figures for adolescents went off a cliff in 2012 — depression, suicide, alienation. This was the year in which 50% of Americans owned smartphones. She asked, have smartphones destroyed a generation?

The answer is: through genetic damage being done to the female foetus in the womb through microwaves, damaging that baby girl’s egg line as it is developing, you are destroying three generations at once. A pregnant woman sitting in a wifi field or with a smartphone, is running the risk of her grandchildren being born with dreadful birth deformities.

This short rant is being written because you, Jessica Powell, buy into the most vicious and sustained campaign of psychological warfare, insults, and defamation that has ever been waged on victims of environmental illness. Anyone who claims to have had their health affected by microwaves is dismissed as a “tinfoil-hat case”. This is the catch-all, one-size-fits-all, go-to, one-stop, no-brainer phrase to dismiss all “conspiracy theorists”.

Go and look for scientific papers on “chemtrails”. I spent weeks trying to find a single one, just out of interest. I found one reference on “Retraction Watch” to a paper that had been withdrawn, that was all. I even contacted one of the more vocal bioengineering websites to ask if there were any scientific papers on the phenomenon. They were not aware of a single one.

Now: I have personally catalogued at least 10,000 scientific papers showing harm from low-level microwaves, in various archives. Thousands more are published each year. There has been a slew of papers from China in the last few years showing consistent DNA damage and oxidative stress in human cells from a few minutes of low-level microwaves from ordinary cellphones. Apoptosis (cell death) is the final symptom.

Other researchers have enumerated at least 20,000 such papers over the decades. The first indications of microwaves affecting biological organisms date from the 1920s in Russia, with the work of Gurwitz, who discovered what he called “mitochondrial radiations” in the near ultraviolet from plants, especially when they were undergoing cell division. Even Hertz’s very first experiments in radio transmission were actually in the microwave range, because of the length of the sparks he used. And there was evidence of health effects even then.

But raise the topic of cellphones and health: and you engaging in “tin-hat paranoia”, to quote your phrase.

I have been a licensed radio amateur operator for over 40 years. Wireless communication has been my entire life. But since I was a teenager, back in the 1970s, I have known that exposure to microwaves is terribly dangerous and is to be avoided. The sight of small children holding powerful microwave transmitters up to the their heads is the single most terrifying spectacle I have endured on this planet. I warned nearly two decades ago that this was going to damage the brains of our children. As a qualified science teacher, former university physics lecturer, and education researcher who developed (in the 1980s) the only proper protocol in the entire academic literature for measuring “attention” in the classroom: I can see without doubt that my worst fears have already been way exceeded.

In the USA, more than 2% of all children are now diagnosed as being on the “autistic spectrum”, according to your diligent CDC. In Korea, well over 30% of all children show symptoms of severe smartphone addiction, according to several studies. About 3% of them are completely incapacitated and hardly leave their bedrooms.

A Taiwanese study showed steeply increased cancer rates in townships with masts, and the nation abruptly removed all towers from playgrounds. You hear about this only on the “tinfoil-hat” forums. The mainstream media are universally silent.

You in America have never conducted one single study, ever, on the safety of microwave masts, despite having tens of thousands of them across your landscape. It is the biggest experiment ever conducted on the human race, and the research protocol is NOT to record any results, at any cost. And now you are rolling out 5G across the entire globe, rural areas to be particularly targeted, so that those clever autonomous vehicles, all blasting the environment with more microwaves, can drive anywhere they want.

No health testing. No regulation: as FCC chairman, industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler aggressively said “We won’t wait for the standards” on 5G, and warned people to stay out of the way of progress. He dodged the only question on health he was asked, and a reporter was removed from the room and lost his FCC accreditation for just being seen talking to an anti-mast activist.

I have exhaustively documented the fake studies, the fake news stories, the fake health officials, the lies they tell. Not one reporter in the mainstream media is interested. I have lobbied literally hundreds of journalists around the world, with just about zero success. I raise the very particular issues that involve women and girls with this radiation, and not one feminist researcher can be bothered to answer. You can call it a hobby of mine, trying to save the brains of the world’s children, as I’m doing again here.

And I have never, ever, owned a cellphone. The last time I used one was while driving (my bad…) a snakebite victim to the hospital, and we had the country’s top snakebite specialist on the phone. We were drawing lines on the victim’s foot, marked with the time, so we could see how fast the venom was spreading to try determine the kind of snake involved. All my life, I’ve believed in wireless for emergency communications, this was a classic case.

I’ve written elsewhere about how cellphones totally destroy your productivity and focus. That’s entirely without the addictive nature of the radiation, which directly produces opioids in the brain. One of the NIH’s top black-belt establishment researchers, Nora Volkow, showed that glucose metabolism is highly enhanced in the brain tissue nearest your cellphone when you talk. She says the biological implications of this are not clear. Like hell they aren’t. This is not supposed to be happening. “Non-ionising” radiation doesn’t cause chemical reactions in the brain, goes the mantra. So we just ignore it when it happens.

Now get this straight, Jessica Powell: the next generation of 5G smartphones is literally going to fill your space not just with magic ponies, but magic unicorns and phoenixes in real time and glorious 3D technicolour, and almost no latency at all. Everywhere You Go, to quote the slogan of the local mobile operator MTN here in the Kingdom of Eswatini, which has masts everywhere, including school playgrounds.

When are you Americans going to wake up? You are the ones who introduced this technology to the world, without any proper safety testing, and ignoring decades of existing evidence of the dangers of microwaves. Go and read “Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette” by Robert C Kane, a brilliant Motorola engineer who died of a brain tumour after testing mobile phone antennas for the company. A judge ruled that his tumour (right under a lesion on his skull, right where he held the transmitters he was testing) could not be “proven” to be caused by the radiation.

This self-published book is the greatest industrial insider account ever, in my estimation. It shows exactly how Motorola war-gamed the FDA, the FCC, everyone, into getting this technology entrenched in all our lives without any proper health evaluation.

You know, of course, that you are supposed to hold your iPhone 0.39 inches away from your head, if you’re in America? Don’t you read the fine print in your iPhone instructions? Don’t you know if you get a brain tumour, and they can show you were holding the phone right against your head, where the radiation is above FCC limits (the worst in the whole world, from a protective point of view) — they can say, it’s your fault you got cancer, we warned you, you were holding your phone wrong? Steve Jobs will come back from the grave to tell you that.

But he didn’t warn you not to put your phone in your pocket, where for men it will be causing known and terrible damage to sperm, as shown in dozens of studies. Oh, sorry, this is all tinfoil-hat stuff. Nothing more tinfoil-hat than some idiot talking about “studies”. The fact that there are “studies” just means there must be more “studies”, that’s all, yawn.

Americans need to wake up. I’ve just been re-reading The Snowden Files, and there’s a very telling comment in the Snowden material from an unknown NSA staffer. He quotes Apple’s famous “anti-Big Brother” advert, and then says: “Who knew in 1984…” and shows the late Steve Jobs now holding an iPhone, “…that this would be Big Brother…”, followed by pictures of ecstatic iPhone buyers, with the analyst’s payoff line being: “…and the zombies would be paying customers?

I knew. I told you over and again, you are paying for your own oppression, you are paying fortunes to create the greatest surveillance system the human race has ever known, a planetary-wide system that can track every button on your shirt and the caplets on your shoelaces and the coins in your pocket in real time via RFID microdots. That’s exactly what’s being implemented now, across the USA, and just wait and see the levels of social dysfunction and illness and environmental collapse. Oh, but you’ll all be zombies anyway by then, you won’t even notice.

Those phones you have stored away are a history of the brain damage that has been done to you. We all now suffer attention disorders, memory disorders, sleep disorders, mood disorders. This is now a normal part of modern life, like your poor children smashing their heads against walls for hours. Take a look, and as they say in Latin, Sapere aude, dare to be wise.