Agave Development Update #12 / 19–25 June, 2021

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Welcome everyone to the #12 Agave Weekly Update. While the team is constantly busy working on developing a top-notch app, we keep on updating the community on everything related to Agave. 🚀

General Updates

  • Our first draft of the Agave Bounty Board is up! Every member of the community is welcome to share feedback, comments, claim one or multiple bounties and earn some Agave! Click here to read a detailed presentation and to join the conversation.
  • Last week we opened the testing phase for our Gardens DAO, a major upgrade for the life of the community, allowing a more user-friendly voting system and much more. Read this guide on the forum to discover how you can participate in the testing. Feel free to add your feedback on the same forum thread.
Try Agave’s Gardens DAO UI
  • 1Hive’s farms on Polygon will be live in 1 week, starting on July 1st. These are the last days to participate in the pComb Airdrop. This article explains everything you need to know to maximize your profit.
  • Agve-xDai is the second farm in terms of rewards offering, at the time of writing, nearly a 50% APY.
Agve-Wxdai LP
  • Agave is now on Omnibridge
Agave on the Omnibridge

Development Updates

  • Here another snippet of the Agave app UI
Agave Lending Platform — Preview
  • Deposit is implemented and functional.
  • The Withdrawal page is coming up soon, and will be followed by Rinkeby access.

Useful Links:

Agave’s Potential Roadmap: Potential Roadmap

Agave Discord: Agave Discord 1

1Hive Discord: 1Hive Discord — 1Hive — Agave Channel

Telegram: 1






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