Agave Development Update #13 / 26 June — 3 July, 2021

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2 min readJul 3, 2021


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One more week, one more update. Despite the quiet week in Agave-land, there is plenty of work behind the scenes that we are eager and looking forward to showing to the community. Welcome to the 13th Agave Weekly Update 🚀

General Updates

  • Last week we published a first draft of our new Agave Bounty Board. This first list of bounties, subject to changes, aims to spread awareness about Agave, onboard new users as contributors, and allow a conversation within the community on different ways to proceed. Our board includes guides, video tutorials, listing on several platforms, and the community is proposing further pushes on different social media. We’ve had a remarkable turnaround of interest and the majority of the bounties has already been claimed. Feel free to join the conversation and check the available ones at this post. We are already thinking of expanding such bounties in the coming weeks.
  • Although known, we are happy to share the official tweet from Chainsulting regarding the positive result of the audit, where no critical issues were found. Click here the official tweet, and click here to read the complete audit report.
  • The testing of our Gardens DAO is continuing smoothly. Should you want to gather more context on Gardens we invite you to read this article and the Wiki Page of Gardens DAO.
Gardens DAO
  • After the successful launch of 1Hive’s farm on Polygon, an “Harvest All’’ Button has been implemented to the farms. Farms, Now on Polygon too
  • During July we will focus again on our NFTs, and we’re looking forward to sharing our future plans with the community.

Development Updates

  • From a development standpoint we are working on closing in on the Withdrawal and Deposit pages.
  • Once the dashboard is ready and working, the Rinkeby testing phase can begin.

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