9. What is traffic and why is it important — 30 Days Of Medium

Welcome back to 30 Days Of Medium.

Today as a natural follow up to my Understanding the Online Sales Funnel article, I’m going to talking about ‘traffic’ and why it’s important for your business.

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What is traffic?

Traffic refers to the amount of visitors your website receives.

The term ‘how much traffic do you get’ is generally referring to the number of unique visitors who land on your website each month or year.

Is all traffic the same?

Good question!

The answer is no.

Website traffic comes in all shapes and sizes, from different channels, locations and devices. Even different browsers.

Traffic channels

To understand website traffic you need to get your head around channels.

Traffic channels is fancy marketing speak for which medium the traffic comes from.

For example, do most people just type in your website address to visit your website? If so, this is referred to as direct traffic.

These people directly visited your website.

Or do they find your website via Google Searches? Congratulations, you are getting some good organic traffic (short for organic search traffic, traffic coming from search engines)

There are 5 key channels:

  • Social
  • Organic search
  • Direct
  • (Other)
  • Referral

Social traffic is self explanatory, that’s website visitors originating from social media platforms.

(Other) refers to traffic that can’t be categorised or measured, but 9 times out of 10 this is organic search traffic that you can no longer measure since Google updated their algorithm a while back.

(If you’re clever, just check your landing pages to see which pieces of content people are landing on to try and connect the dots a bit).

You can break down your traffic by channel by accessing the acquisition overview in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Analytics acquisition overview

Why is traffic important?

Your website traffic is like your petrol.

It makes your website run for you.

You need traffic to generate leads, to generate customers.

Driving the right traffic allows you to fill up the top of your sales funnel.

If you have a decent website and funnel system in place, the rest should happen on autopilot.

As your traffic grows, so should your list and your business.

I talked yesterday about understanding your metrics and the importance of forecasting.

If you understand your online marketing metrics, you can accurately forecast your growth based on the amount of traffic you generate.

As such, if you want more leads, you can focus on activities that will drive more targeted traffic to your website like:

  • Creating long tail content targeting specific keywords
  • Creating videos and starting a YouTube channel
  • Writing on Medium and building a readership here
  • Emailing your existing list new pieces of helpful content
  • Setting up a social media schedule to automate sharing of your content at optimum times on the right platforms
  • Participating in new Facebook and LinkedIn groups

Your acquisition report will allow to measure which of these activities is being most effective at driving traffic to your website.

This feedback loop allows you to focus on what works or improve what doesn’t.

I hope you find this article simple and easy to understand. Follow me for the next one tomorrow!

Any questions on this topic? Let me know in the comments.

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