22. How to hack your schedule and get twice as much done — 30 Days Of Medium

James Thomas
Jun 19, 2018 · 6 min read
30 Days Of Medium

Welcome back to 30 Days Of Medium.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading, clapping and commenting so far! Today’s topic is — Where does your traffic come from?

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Not all time is productive time

After my article on burnout yesterday I wanted to write a follow up on hacking your schedule.

Let me start off by saying that not all time is productive time.

At some points of the day, you are more productive than others.

You’ll also find that you are better at certain tasks at certain times of the day.

So how do you use this to your advantage and get twice as much done?

Analyse your productivity

One of the good things about Medium is how freely available information is from entrepreneurs and people doing the same thing you want to do.

If I had knew about Medium when I first started maybe I would have saved myself a lot of hassle. Maybe not. Entrepreneurs are stubborn after all.

Anyhow, to hack your schedule I’ve found that you need to analyse your productivity by task.

For example:

Schedule everything

I’ve always hated planning and scheduling.

I don’t know why. Maybe it comes from childhood, hating the school experience where you are told at what time to do everything and how to do it.

My to do list has always been my best friend.

Using the Bucket Method & Next Actions method advocated by David Allen.

Beyond that I’ve hated the idea of scheduling everything in advance.

Over the past year though, I’ve seen the value in automation and scheduling more and more.

Recently, I scheduled my next 90 pieces of content in advance.

It didn’t take long, I jotted down the titles and in some instances 1 small bullet point summary.

For my website blog articles I matched them up with a long tail keyword.

As I become busier this scheduling in advance allows me to be ultra productive with my time.

I also created a daily schedule (subject to anything changing urgently with a client, or anything out of my control) where each day I’ve blocked out my time accordingly, on the tasks I need to work on.

Only work on what you absolutely have to

First time entrepreneurs or new business owners are notorious for wasting time on unnecessary tasks (believe me, I was one of them 6 years ago).

Only work on anything that will grow your business or improve the customer experience.

The rest is junk. Until you are at the point you can comfortably start hiring people or outsourcing major tasks.

For example, your time split should look something like this:

The trick is analysing everything you do.

Pinpoint what specifically gets you new business. Then just do that, drop the things that don’t work.

And figure out what makes your customers love you.

If you’re able to figure out the specific tasks that generate you new business and how to keep your existing customers happy, that is the winning formula for a small business with longevity and that can be scaled comfortably in the future.

It will also allow you to do focused work for 8 hours a day and enjoy a healthy work life balance, while getting twice as much done.

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