I Became; Therefore, I AM: My Own Medium Wikipedia-Style Articles About My Evolution as THE MULTI-HYPHENATE MAGNATE Serving in Cross-Functional Authority Roles & Pioneer Works for Different Industries

3 min readJun 30, 2023
Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

This article contains several articles (which some overlap) about my evolution in cross-functional authority roles as THE MULTI-HYPHENATE MAGNATE and some of the pioneer works that I developed to serve different industries.

The articles represent my own form of Medium version of Wikipedia style articles to give you a glimpse of how I BECAME the epitome of a multi-mission-preneur brand and empire expression.

This is an opportunity for you to BINGE READ about my brand and empire and be inspired to express your own personal and professional experience in a unique way. I hope these articles will be of tremendous value to you.

Click on the titles below to enjoy the articles…

As you can see, I provide a robustness of multiplicity and leverage the whole of who I am to serve different industries and the world at large.

I hope you enjoyed the articles. I would love to hear how this experience served you. If you would like to explore more within a mastermind cohort, private consulting, products or book me for virtual speaking engagements, please email wowshedoesitallmedia@gmail.com. Also, consider following me on https://linktr.ee/majestyalinicolewow




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