Agave Development Update #14 / 04–10 July, 2021

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3 min readJul 10, 2021


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Welcome everyone to the latest Agave Weekly Update. In this update we’ll share a few more insights on how things are proceeding. 🚀

General Updates

1Hive Monthly Recap — June2021
  • Alvin: As few community members asked about this topic, we want to reiterate that Agave Dao will be working on Alvin. A few people are already working on this, and once the platform is launched more people can focus on this matter. The community will be updated as we proceed further.
  • A few more bounties are available to be claimed, and several valuable feedbacks are being discussed for the next round of bounties. Make sure to participate and earn Agave by completing a certain task. Join the conversation here.
  • Soon after the launch of the token Agave became a way bigger project than what was initially planned, including NFTs, our Gardens DAO and many more features that will allow Agave to be a broad and versatile ecosystem. We are working on releasing an app fully compatible with any device.
  • Agave-Hny pair is offering, roughly, an APY of 10%. Agave-xDai is still offering a 30% APY on Honeycomb’s farm. Finally, over 6000 Agave are staked in the security module, giving a nearly 16% APY.
  • During July we will focus again on our NFTs, and we’re looking forward to sharing our future plans with the community.
Agave’s NFT Collection

Development Updates

  • Development: The Withdrawal and Deposit pages are completed
  • Testing: Our initial plan was to start testing on Rinkeby once Withdrawal and Deposit were live. However, depositing and withdrawing alone does not represent much of what users will be able4 to do until lending and borrowing will be enabled. Therefore, we want to complete these pages first and give the community a full testing experience with all Agave’s functions available.
Deposit — Borrow Page
  • The liquidation engine’s underling foundation has been laid.
  • Sneak peak: There’s more for the community. Here is a link to the Agave platform.

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