Agave Development Update #15 / 11–17 July, 2021

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3 min readJul 17, 2021


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Welcome to a new Agave Weekly Recap. Regardless of the sideways action of the crypto market, at AgaveDAO we are always busy building and preparing for our platform launch. In this update #15, we will share a few more insights on the project development. 🚀

General Updates

  • NFT: A quick vote took place this week in order to give names to the selected Agave NFT collection. The vote was opened on our NFT channel on our Discord server. Here is the final list with the “winning names”.
Agave NFT Collection
  • Our NFT collection will now enter its new phase; In the coming weeks we will be busy working on use cases and on how to shape the distribution of the collection.
  • Alvin: We have a few updates on Alvin. While the Agave Devs are going to take care of the snapshots and everything concerning the contract exploit, two more members of the community are taking action to understand where / how to create the Alvin plushie that will be distributed. Click here to read the latest developments in detail. To gather more context on what has happened previously, we invite you to read these two forum posts: — A retrospective / Alvin and the dripp-ocalypse
Alvin Plushie — Design
  • As Agave will be expanding, we are about to start to work also on the documentation related to our project.
  • To guide the community in the upcoming testing phase, we are preparing a “Guide Walkthrough” showing the features of the Agave Platform. This video will be released as testing will officially start.
  • To smoothen and speed up the testing phase, we will create a forum thread where we’ll provide more information about this crucial phase and where users will be invited to add comments and feedback of their testing experience.
  • Our Agave Bounty Board is almost completely full. We received an overwhelming response from the community, thank you all for that. More bounties will soon appear! Keep track and claim a bounty by joining the conversation on this forum post. Some tasks are already being completed..! Here is a snippet of our successful listing on LunarCrash. (Official announcement to come very soon)
AGVE on LunarCrush

Development Updates

  • Development: After the completion of the Withdrawal and Deposit pages, also the lending page is now completed. We have already started the Borrowing Page, the last one to complete.
  • If you haven’t, make sure to visit the Agave platform page where testing is about to start. The link is

Useful Links:

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1Hive Discord: 1Hive Discord — 1Hive — Agave Channel

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