Agave Development Update #16 / 30th July — 6th August, 2021

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3 min readAug 7, 2021


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After a few weeks of break, we are back with the #16 Agave Weekly Update. Our team is busy on multiple fronts and we are happy to share the latest developments.🚀

General Updates

  • How to Agave - Staking: Our first article/video tutorial created by members of the community is out. A writer, a video editor and a graphic designer were on boarded to complete the “How to Agave: Staking” bounty, published on our Medium Page.
How to Agave — Staking
  • Since the “How to Agave: Staking” article was written, 450 more Agave were locked in the safety module; We reached 6700 Agave, with a current APY of 14.50%.
  • A list of all available bounties can be found here.
  • LunarCrush: Agave is on LunarCrush for a few weeks now. Click here for the related page
  • Alvin: After the last update, we have some more news regarding the Alvin plushies. After a first official post (Click here to read it), another update was published in the last few days: Click here and make sure to follow and join the conversation on the #alvin channel on the 1Hive Discord Server.
Alvin Plushie — Design
  • 1Hive’s July Monthly Recap has just been published. Make sure to keep track of everything going on in the 1Hive ecosystem.
  • NFT: Due to limited devs resources, lately the work on the frontend saw a break in its development. It started back up this week and the work is in progress -in particular on the back end urls setup- : The goal is to deploy soon on Rinkeby.

Development Updates

  • A community member has created a quick video to present the Agave Platform in order to help with testing. Click here to take a look at it!
  • The current link to access the Agave Platform is
  • Development: Agave was redeployed on Rinkeby for a better and more user-friendly testing experience
  • We already did some initial testing on the frontend and we are fixing a few minor bugs we noticed and adding some features. Core feature wise, the platform is done. At this point we are polishing things and make small improvements.

Useful Links:

Agave’s Potential Roadmap: Potential Roadmap

Agave Discord: Agave Discord 1

1Hive Discord: 1Hive Discord — 1Hive — Agave Channel

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