Agave Development Update #17 / 7th — 13th August, 2021

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3 min readAug 14, 2021


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Hey Agave DAO community, welcome to our #17 Agave Weekly Update. In this article we will share some of last week’s developments. As always, we suggest you check our previous articles to gather more and more context on what is going on! 🚀

General Updates

  • The growth of the xDai ecosystem continues, slowly but surely. There are currently over 4M wallet addresses on xDai. Keep updated by checking the last update.
Wallet Addresses on xDai
  • More stats: A very high percentage of the circulating Agave are locked in the safety module (current APY 14,33%), and the AGVE-WXDAI pair on Honeycomb has a current APY of nearly 16% (rewards in xComb).
Agave Staking
Agve-Wxdai pair — Honeycomb
  • Speaking of farming, 1Hive celebrated its farms on Polygon by rewarding its users with a POAP. Read the details below on eligibility criteria and claiming info here
POAP pComb Farmer
  • NFT: We made some progress and are about to complete the showcase page design of our app.
Preview Basic Alvin NFT (Common)
  • Alvin: Our community members are working out the payments pipeline for purchasing and for shipping the plushies. Once the order will be processed, we estimate it will take approximately 30 days to receive the purchased items
  • As previously mentioned, if you wish to contribute actively, you can do so by claiming one or more community bounties. The list of all available bounties can be found here.

Development Updates

  • We’re adding a WXDai/Native gateway to allow transparent usage of Weth/Eth, WXDai/XDai. The work on the Native gateway is done on Deposit, and we still need to build it for Withdraw, Borrow, and Repay
  • We cut down the scope of the liquidation engine to assist in having it ready for public testing sooner
  • An Overview of the Agave Platform is available here!

Useful Links:

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1Hive Discord: 1Hive Discord — 1Hive — Agave Channel

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