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Land Sale Overview

We have partnered up with some of the top launchpads in the industry to give everyone a chance to get their hands on some Kitsumon Land. Participating in the land sale is easy — you can either apply for a whitelist spot for the Private Sale, or buy from one of our launchpad partners. Both of these sales are held in a Mystery Box format where you randomly receive one land plot NFT. In total 25,000 land plots will be minted, with 20,000 being made available to the public. Below you can find the full sale schedule:

Launchpad Sales — 26th October — Starting 14:00 UTC

Kingdom Game 4.0 (KingdomStarter): Buy Here
GameStation: Sign up via the Gamestation Pool
Kanga Exchange: Sign up via Kanga Exchange
ScottyBeam: Sign up via Scotty Beam
Balthazar: Sign up via Balthazar
TofuNFT: Sign up through Gleam
Synapse: Sign up via Synapse
Liquidifty: Sign up via Liquidifty
DareNFT: Sign up via DareNFT
FantomStarter: Sign up through FantomStarter
DAO Starter: Sign up via DAO Starter

Private Sale

Starting on 2nd November @ 2PM UTC on the Sale Page
👉How to Buy👈

Public Sale — Date TBA

Auction style, bid directly on the land plot you want.

Mystery boxes can be opened after the Land Sale has finished — each box contains one random land redemption card. These cards can be traded on the marketplace, so you can trade with other users to get the plot you want. Redemption cards can be redeemed when MMORPG: Professions gameplay releases, and will grant you the land plot ingame.

Both private sale and public auction will be only available with the Kitsumon utility token $KMC. Read how to buy $KMC with crypto here or buy KMC with your Credit Card here!

As with past sales we will be adding additional benefits to $KMC holders by burning 20% of all tokens collected during the sale and an additional 40% will be used for liquidity.

Stake $KMC to get more Land

We have opened a “first come, first served” staking pool in anticipation of the Land Sale. All your staked tokens can be burned during the lockup-period if you choose to buy in the Land Sale, granting you the full APR bonus instantly so you have more funds to get Land with. Stake your $KMC now at 15% APR and get more land!

Unlock Vested & Staked tokens for the Land Sale

You can unlock your tokens that are locked in vesting/staking for exclusive use during the land sale. If you unlock your staked tokens, you will receive the APR bonus for the full staking duration! Simply go to the Land Sale page and click the button to unlock the tokens.

Then confirm the unlock on your metamask and you will see the tokens in your balance under “unlocked tokens”. You will receive these tokens as an exclusive balance for buying land during the sale, so they will not be shown in your wallet. You can always track the unlocked tokens on the sale page.

Introducing Terosia

The world of Kitsumon stretches far and wide, containing within itself countless ecosystems and biomes with a wide variety of beautiful life. The island-continent Terosia is known as the center of this world, attracting countless Kitsu trainers to claim their very own patch of its land and follow their favorite activities. Read below to find information on all of Terosia’s biomes, and explore the many ways to earn in the Kitsumon world.


Land in the Kitsumon World comes in the form of 13 types of biomes, from lushious forests that benefit Farming, to dry deserts that make great Mining territory, there is a biome for everyone. Explore all biomes in the short summary below, and dive into the full articles for the biomes that catch your interest!


Plains are the most common lands in the game, and they are one of the safest biomes to start exploring the world of Kitsumon. Land plots in the plains allow you to experience all the professions without anything that alters their effects!

Read more about the Plains biome


Forests are one of the best biomes for farming and they are one of the richest biomes in their number of trees!

Read more about the Forest biome


The dry deserts can make farming difficult, but many rare rocks are hidden beneath the sands!

Read more about the Desert biome


The Oasis biome is one of the rarest biomes and is only found in the desert. Big boosts for farming can be found here!

Read more about the Oasis biome


The Snow biome is hard to get started in, but gives big benefits for most professions once you reach a high level!

Read more about the Snow biome


The Glaciers are quite rare, and they keep many of the challenging aspects that the Snow biome has. But the players that can handle its negatives, will find a paradise for Fishing.

Read more about the Glacier biome


Fertile soil and plenty of humidity are the key features of the Swamps biome. Get great benefits for Farming and Fishing, but keep weeds and diseases in check!

Read more about the Swamp biome


The Badlands biome is arguably the best place for mining, offering numerous advantages that make it stand out for all gemstone enthusiasts. These rugged lands are full of mines waiting to be discovered!

Read more about the Badlands biome


The seaside Beach biome is great for Farming and Fishing, but the high humidity can cause issues with Crafting and Alchemy.

Read more about the Beach biome


If you are looking to become a master Craftsman, the Stone biome will feel like home to you. In return for a tougher Farming experience, this biome also offers a boost to Mining.

Read more about the Stone biome

Moon Touched

This mystical biome gives great benefits for Farming and Alchemy but has some strange rules that must be obeyed.

Read more about the Moon Touched biome


The Void biome is a field of eerie nothingness, and its special quality is that it consumes any land plots that you own next to its borders. If there is a bordering plot that it can consume, it will give you amazing benefits.

Read more about the Void biome

Forbidden Forests

The Forbidden Forests are home to the Gods of old, and bring with themselves many rules that the land owner has to obey, in return for the strongest blessings that can be found in the Kitsumon world.

Read more about the Forbidden Forests biome


The main benefit of owning Land is that it gives players access to Kitsumon’s RPG gameplay element — Professions. Making the most of their land, users can take up different professions like farming and mining to gain valuable resources. These resources, as well as the items that can be created from them, can all be traded on the marketplace and can even be rented out to others. The following summary explains each profession and lets you easily dive into the full article for any profession that interests you!


Get ready to experience farming and nurture your plants and animals like never before! In Kitsumon’s Farming profession you can plant over 50 types of different plants, trees, mushrooms and herbs with your harvests being useable in cooking, alchemy and crafting.

Read more about Farming


Dirty your hands in Mining — upgrade your pickaxe and stock up your warehouse to craft amazing items and earn a living on the marketplace !

Read more about Mining


Crafting is arguably the most profitable profession in Kitsumon as all the other professions rely on the products that craftsmen can make. Progress in Crafting to unlock access to various items and either use them yourself or sell them for big bucks on the marketplace!

Read more about Crafting


Become a legendary chef in the Kitsumon world by pursuing the cooking profession and preparing delicious meals for yourself, other players, and your Kitsus!

Read more about Cooking


Sit down by a river or drive your boat out into the open sea to hunt for rare fish. Use your catch to prepare delicious meals, sell them on the marketplace, or build an aquarium to earn money from visitors!

Read more about Fishing


Alchemy focuses on creating magical potions and turning items directly into KANDY, the currency of the game. Turn to Alchemy if you feel magical potions pumping in your veins and you can sense the forces of nature calling for you!

Read more about Alchemy

Land Types

Kitsumon features three different Land Types: Standard, Special, and Premium. Every land type allows players full access to professions and all the basic RPG elements, with the Special and Premium land types offering many additional goodies boost players’ ability to Play and Earn. Learn more about the different types of land below.


If you want to be a master in many professions, make sure you own multiple different lands to help improve your skills faster and use each biome’s traits to your advantage. Standard lands are available in all the biomes of the game, and players can partake in all the profession related activities available in the game with a standard plot of land.


Special lands are rare land types that offer some exclusive bonuses on top of everything that is possible in a standard land type. The advantages are:

• Kitsu Breeding Station
Allows Kitsus to breed faster. You will be able to breed your Kitsus in the breeding station for lower breeding cooldowns and also allow other players to breed their Kitsus in your breeding station in return for a fee.

• Crafting, Alchemy and Cooking Quests
Owners of special lands will unlock rare crafting, alchemy and cooking quests as they progress in the game that are only available for them.

• Items, Potions and Food Recipes
Progressing in professions in a special plot of land will unlock special items, potions and food recipes for players that will allow them to create special products that only they can make.

• Increased Size Storages
Special plots of land will have doubled storage sizes for silos, water tanks, cellars, treasure chests, etc.

The Special and Premium lands also have access to Breeding Stations and Battle Stadiums, which allow players to gain special benefits from interacting with your land in return for a fee that goes directly to you.


Premium lands are the rarest and most advantageous plots of land in the Kitsumon world. Premium lands can be seen as a great investment because their unique bonuses will be gravely needed for everyone playing the game. The bonuses of a premium land are:

• Battle Arena:
Battle Arenas are only available in premium lands. All the MOBA battles between Kitsus, including normal battles, eSports events and more will be hosted in battle arenas. Premium land owners will host lobbies in which players can compete in and spectate tense and engaging battles. Not only will Premium land owners be able to host and modify the battle arenas, but they will also earn income from hosting battles as well!

• Kitsu Breeding Stations

• Rare Quests for ALL Professions

• Premium Items, Potions and Food Recipes

• Triple Size Storages


Build your own Guild in Kitsumon or join a Guild to get many amazing benefits! Organize with team members in the Guild Chat, trade on the guild’s exclusive marketplace, rise up the ranks in your guild and make use of the Guild Vault to share powerful items with each other.

As a Guild General, govern your guild and set up powerful revenue streams. Create member polls to allow community decisions, give Ranks to your members to reward activity and loyalty, view statistics and tweak profit-sharing percentages for members. Manage your Guild Vault and rent out items (or even Land) to members to boost your revenue and help your members increase their levels at high speeds!

Rent your Land

Kitsumon features an in-depth Leasing and Subleasing system as a feature of its internal marketplace. Players can rent out anything ranging from Land to in-game items and even Kitsus!

Each user can freely choose how long to rent an asset out for and at which price. Once the rental period is over, the original owner can reclaim the rented asset easily with the click of a button, no risk involved.

As the person renting an asset, you can freely use it as desired and you will keep all profits you gain from it. To prevent any fraudulent behavior, rented items can only be transferred through the renting system itself.

Subleasing is also fully supported, meaning you can rent an asset and then lend it out to someone else, as long as the lending period isn’t longer than the time you rented the item for, yourself.


We hope this article helped catch you up to speed on everything about our Land Sale. Do you have any questions that weren’t answered here? Join us on our Discord to get fast support and discuss Kitsumon with others!



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