Venezuela — Adopt a Family project by Simón and Fabian

“Hello World” — a powerful message nearly every programmer and developer heard once, as they made their first steps.

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“Hello World” — a powerful message which implies more than a greeting. It says: “We are all human, we are all on this planet -Earth- together. We have common roots and our future is tied together” — but it seems we forgot.. We live in the most exciting times, this planet ever experienced. Despite huge distances between us, we are just a mouse click separated. A mouse click to write E-Mails, send pictures of our beloved ones, cats and yes, also about sending money — meanwhile all instant and for free. Isn’t that awesome? That not just mean we can share our thoughts or precious moments, even humanity!
Today some countries suffer inflation. Venezuela is highly affected by hyper inflation and a government, which can’t stop it. Hyper inflation is something, I personally never experienced. But history does a lot and the resume we can take out of is awful, full of suffering people, lost hope and a society which changed and show their, maybe, real sides. Violence, miss use of power and suppression are only some points to mention — But, as my Venezuelan friend told me, even humanity!! And that is something to focus on when times are dark for some of us.
Some time ago I heard about a project called: “Adopt a family“. I initially was keen about this and wanted to contribute. But very fast I noted that it was not that easy to get in contact with persons, who are really in need and know how to use this amazing technology — cryptocurrency. Persons in a country, which is shaken by such kind of inflation for this long period of time of course don’t always have access to internet and to education about cryptocurrencies. Even here in Germany the very most people don’t know how to use these new currencies or even understand the underlying protocol or how to use them.
I found my Venezuelan family on a very unexpected way. I’m a big fan of NANO, a cryptocurrency which is, out of my view as an engineer, one of the best solutions of sending funds fee less and instant to every place on earth desired. The protocol of NANO was used for a fun-project called Banano. A very funny and unique community, similar to the early Doge Coin community. I was browsing in some channels on Discord and enjoyed some good memes and other stuff. Then I meet my new friend — Simón from Caracas/Venezuela. We talked a while about things and we get to know each other. Two birds with one stone for me — a very nice young man who shares my passion for crypto with a good heart and who is from Venezuela. I trusted him and decided to send him some Nano. He went out on the next day and despite some problems he managed to buy food with the money. He actually spend magic internet money on necessary things like food! He send me some pictures (click HERE and HERE) from the streets in Caracas and of course from the bought food. I was astonished how easy it was, how easy it is, to actually change something for the better — no matter where or who you are, just by sending some money without restricitons or intermediary entities to anybody in the world. To actually changed someones day and spend a bit of hope. We were talking a lot of ideas how to develop this newly formed friendship into a project to help even more people in need. From this day on I send him some NANO for him, his family and his friends — I “adopted” him and his family ❤. I actually achieved what I was looking for — helping people directly, without any intermediary step, instant and without any fees. No borders to cross, just my mind to adopting this technology for my own needs.

Simón and me (Fabian) want to introduce you to our own “adopt a family“ project. A guy from Caracas who live in the situation and know a lot about using crypto and of course have connections to the people and me, a guy from Hamburg/Germany. An engineer and techi who want to reach as much people as possible and wants to give a gateway for everybody, who wants to help us in this project.
“Adopt“ your family or just donate every amount of NANO/ETH/BTC you want into „the pot“. Just contact us to talk about this idea and how you can help.

How is this supposed to work? 
As a first step „the pot“ gets (hopefully) filled by donations. After a certain amount is reached, Simón and me can support one additional family with it for a hole month and tech them as well, how to use the received cryptocurrency and how to exchange into national currency Bolivian Soberanos.
Should the pot gets refilled during the next month, we can support this family for another month.
Should the pot gets more than one monthly „family support“, then we can support one more family - and so on and so on.
The idea behind this is to reach as many people as possible but on the other side support them for at least one month. To give them a breather during this
time, time to focus on further things and of course to spend some hope.

We discussed and derived out of our own made experiences, that an average family will need 50 $/month to buy proper food and get a feeling of hope, a breather from the situation to fix things and strengthens themself. Everytime the pot is filled with an equivalent of 50$, this project can support one family for a month.
 Month 1 Balance=0$ 65$ are raised -> 1 Family will be supported
 Month 2 Balance=15$ 60$ are raised -> 1 Family will be supported
 Month 3 Balance = 25$ 90$ are raised -> 2 Families will be supported
 … and so on.

First the families are choosen ones from Simón, because he live in Venezuela, has to manage everything (finding a family, explain how to use NANO, how to exchange, etc.) and he knows who to trust. Not to forget, Simón will takes some risks and he is advised to deal with it in a very safe way.

All donation addresses won’t change over time so everybody can see how funds will be used (full transparency and everybody can see every movements of funds — See HERE for the project’s ledger or here for Excel-Table).
NANO ist the currency which is used for transfering funds to Venezuela. The NANO adress is dedicated to the project’s wallet.
The BTC and ETH adresses are linked to a cryptocurrency exchange called „Kucoin“, where I can exchange it into NANO and then transfering to the project‘s NANO wallet.
(Btw. You can send any ERC20-token on the ETH-adress Kucoin supports today. It will be credited in the dedicated projects-account)
Please feel free to write us, to comment and ask your questions — no matter what! 
I know asking people for donations is tough. But just by reading this and comment or even share, you would contribute to this project.
Please also share your thoughts on ideas how to improve or anything. It will be of value for us.
(Please keep in mind, answering questions can take some time. I have a regular 40+h job beside this project)

During the next time Simón and me plan to extend this contend here with links to how to use cryptocurrency in Venezuela for Venezuelean people and other „how to do“ to share knowledge about the usage in Venezuela and in Germany as well and to hopefully lucky stories about supported families.

Please see below our first links to content related to this project.
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