Agave Development Update #18 / 14th — 20th August, 2021

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2 min readAug 21, 2021


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The last Catchup in Agave’s Land is here! Welcome to the Agave Weekly Update #18. As always, in this article we will share a the latest updates and a few interesting news. The previous updates, listed above, are a good start in case you missed the latest recaps. 🚀

General Updates

  • AMA: After the request of a couple of community members, in the next week(s) we will organize an AMA in which the devs will be available for the community, and in which we may brainstorm a few interesting possibilities for the future of our community.
  • Besides staking — current APY, 14,95% — , and farming — 15%APY on Agve-Hny and 5,50% APY on Agve-xDai — , there is a new way to earn with your Agave. Since a few days ElkFinance landed on xDai and the farming pair Agve-Elk has a very high (and still volatile!) APY. For clarity, Elk is not affiliated with 1Hive.
Elk Finance — Farming Pairs
  • Our NFT landing page is shaping more and more. Soon our main devs are going to test the platform. We can share a first snippet of the main UI, subject to changes.
Snippet Agave Genesis Set NFTs
  • Following the testing phase, we are soon going to implement our DAO upgrade with our Garden. Make sure to check out more about Gardens here and read the documentation on the Wiki Page. Info about the Agave Gardens testing phase can be found here.
  • Next week a few community members will direct their attention on starting to provide some original Agave’s documentation.

Development Updates

  • We are completing a few details around the automatic native token unwrapping and wrapping.
  • We have made a few progresses for what concerns the Liquidation contract — one of the last main things standing — and we are looking for opportunities to test it.

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