Agave Development Update #19 / 21th — 27th August, 2021

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3 min readAug 28, 2021


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Dear Agave Community, we are happy to present our #19 Weekly Recap. Lots is happening on a daily basis! Make sure to check the previous updates, and get in touch and participate to the life of our community through our Social Channels! (listed at the end of the article) 🚀

General Updates

  • Community AMA Announcement: After discussing with the devs and seeds of Agave, we are happy to announce that our second AMA will take place next Tuesday, August 31st, at 19.00UTC — (15.00EST / 20.00CET). The AMA will take place on our Discord Server. You are welcome to participate, and feel free to ask questions on our channels even before the start of the event.
Agave AMA Announcement
  • In the upcoming AMA we are going to have an announcement related to Agave’s Testing, and our Gardens DAO implementation.
  • Agave’s staking offers an APY of 14,43%, while the pairs Agve-xDai and Agve-Hny offer, respectively, an APY of 14,40 and 5,50%. Finally, Agve-Elk still offers a 290% APY (rewards paid in Elk).
  • The backend of our Agave NFT dApp is now running on a server and we already started working on the UX.
  • 1Hive TV is a reality! Make sure to check out the first episode, available at this link. Agave was also at the center of the conversation, and you can check it at min 05.30.
1Hive TV, 1st Episode
  • The writing up of the original Agave documentation has not yet started, and will begin in September.

Development Updates

  • The liquidation bot is about to be completed, and ready for testing.
  • We have fixed up a few minor bugs around the handling of native/wrapped-native token usage. We expect that if users want to use a mix of the two, they will have to wrap or unwrap in order to have a sufficient amount, or make multiple transactions. Theoretically, we will support the use of either.
  • Testing, and a few other important news, will be shared during next week’s AMA. Don’t miss it!

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1Hive Discord: 1Hive Discord — 1Hive — Agave Channel

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