Farewell James G Brennan

Suntonu Bhadra
Paper Poetry
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2 min readSep 21, 2023
Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news.

James is no more.

The person who always inspired others with his eclectic free verse, a cheerful person, and a promoter of life, is no more.

If you came across James's poetry in Medium or any other space, you already know the power of his words and his heartfelt engagement with others.

Please pray for his departed soul (or in any relevant way you want to). I don’t have words to utter.

The following are the poems James wrote in Paper Poetry. He was a big supporter of our publication and always contributed with his words. Please explore at your convenience.

Book — Explorations Calming The Storm In A Young Man’s Mind

Paper Poetry Series — Ubuntu
◻️ Ubuntu Mbira
◻️ Across Oceans of Hope
◻️ Birth
◻️ Expansion

Poems James shared in Paper Poetry

◻️ The Cosmic Joker
◻️ Time to Depart
◻️ Gods
◻️ Control Freak
◻️ Unhappy Beach Dog’s Life
◻️ Just off to Write
◻️ Spiteful
◻️ Lugh’s Crow
◻️ Unwilling
◻️ Internal Gods
◻️ Atoms
◻️ First Draught
◻️ Second Draught
◻️ Talking a Good Game
◻️ Covenant
◻️ Cleanin’
◻️ Hopefully
◻️ Andromeda
◻️ Marie Curie Radioactive
◻️ Salt
◻️ Shit Stirrer
◻️ Revered
◻️ Celestial
◻️ keyboard Warrior
◻️ Eudaimonia Paradise
◻️ Greed
◻️ Frozen
◻️ Claudius Ptolemy
◻️ Rosette Nebula
◻️ Life in Death
◻️ Hijacked
◻️ Desire

James, you will be missed! See you on the other side, brother.