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Tony Yeung
General Writing: Idea, Thinking, Opinion


In May 2014, Medium had an important update. As collection editors, we do not have any option to article in the wild. Although that is a big disappointment, writers still have the option to submit their articles to any collection. (Also I can see numbers of people would quit because this function is gone.)

Many writers want to have attention because of their writings. Unfortunately, writers on medium need to do everything. For example, writing the articles, submit the articles to ALL collections that they want, social media etc.

I have been using Medium for few years. Obviously, I have a few popular collections. My aim is to help writers promote their articles. Often, I approve any article submit to my collections. (If you followed my collections, that’d be a bonus!)

Business / General

On management (6.9K)

Business Daily: Startups, Business Development, etc (1.3K)

Business, Strategy, Vision (487)

Business Management (300)

Mobile Apps, Websites, Internet Business, etc (292)


Teaching & Learning (8.4K)

Culture Club (7.3K)

Changing City (5.3K)

LadyBits on Medium (5.1K)

Futures Exchange (5.1K)

Pop of Culture (5K)

Armchair Economics (4.6K)

Gender Justice/Feminism (4K)

Open Source Family (3.9K)

The T.V. Age (3.4K)


Design / UX (19K)

Product Design (11K)

This Could be Better (7.5K)

User Experience Design (UX) (2.8K)

UX / UI Design (2.1K)

UX/UI human interfaces (2.1K)

Web Design Technique (1.7K)

Creative Idea, Product Design, etc (1.3K)

Coding & Design (1000)

Web Design and Development (784)

Design things! (702)

UX / User Interface (700)

{ Design and Creativity } (503)

UX & Usability (419)

Web Design (383)

Design , Creativity, Life (306)

Design Thinking (227)


Money & Banking (351)


For the Love of Food (5.1K)


Comedy Corner (7.1K)

The Nib (5.7K)

Comedy, Humor, & Satire (251)

Funny Stuff (155)


Better Humans (15K)

Life Hacks (12K)

What I Learned Today (9.8K)

Architecting A Life (9.2K)

This Happened to Me (8.8K)

Lessons Learned (8.8K)

Who I Am (5.9K)

Human Parts (5.8K)

Dear (blank), (5.6K)

Unforgettable Moments (4.8K)

American Dreamers (4.8K)

My Modern Marriage (2.9K)

Life Learning (2.4K)

Life Tips. (1.7K)

Health & Fitness (753)

What I’m Thankful For (607)

Advice to Graduates (594)

Life Hack: Your Story, Experience, etc (523)

Improve your life (478)

Understandings & Epiphanies (476)

Let’s get coffee (474)

Reflections on Life (416)

Question Everything (343)

Self-Taught Motivation (278)

Mind the Body (258)

Life lessons (231)

How To Succeed (231)

Lessons I’ve Learned (197)

Desktop Diaries (197)

Learning for Life (173)

life reflection (145)

Business / Marketing

Business & Marketing (768)

Digital Marketing: Social Media, Online, Internet, SEO(704)

Social Media (672)

Online Marketing (622)

Thoughts on Digital Marketing (528)

On Content Marketing… (511)

Digital Advertising (212)

Social Media (142)

General Writing

Editor’s Picks (563K)

Best thing I found online today (10K)

I. M. H. O. (8K)

Open Ticket (3.9K)

Customer Dissatisfaction (2.9K)

General Writing: Idea, Thinking, Opinion (2.7K)

Under 5 min reads (371)

Movie, TV, Music

World of Music (5.6K)

Movies, TV Shows, Musics (74)


Click the Shutter (6.4K)

Photography at it’s Best (348)

Pictures & Photography: Tips, Practices ,Showcases (260)


Surveillance State (2.8K)

Leadership Journal (658)

News Report: News, Current Events, Politics, etc (363)


The Physics arXiv Blog (3.7K)

Looking Up (3.1K)

African Makers (2K)

Best of Science (264)

Science: Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc (155)

Software developer

On Coding (9.4K)

Hacking Programs : Code, Programming Idea, Tutorial, Showcase, Experience (1.1K)

CSS Perverts (1.1K)

Frontend and beyond (979)

The JavaScript Collection (962)

Code adventures (609)

Cyber Security (597)

Hackers and Hacking (589)

Let’s Make Things (200)

Business / Startups

Design + Startups (13K)

on startups (12K)

Thoughts on creativity (10K)

What I Learned Building (7.6K)

Look What I Made (4.4K)

Product Management (1.5K)

Startup Lessons Learned (1.1K)

Startup + Design (972)

Lean Startups, Entrepreneurs & The Lean Brand (918)

Startup Strategy (780)

Building Things on the Internet (773)

Startup Tales (606)

Design of a web business (562)

Products I Wish Existed (555)

Startups — Tips and Tricks (353)

Startup Shenanigans (209)

The Startup Life (112)


Tech Talk (10K)

Adventures in Consumer Technology (9.5K)

New Media (8.5K)

Mobile Culture (8.5K)

We Live in the Future (7.4K)

People & Gadgets (6.9K)

How to use the internet (5.9K)

War is Boring (4K)

Apple Daily (1.2K)

Technology and Society (988)

Mobile, Apps and Future (443)

iOS and Android (309)

Tech Blogging (289)


Roaming the Earth (5.9K)

Travel Writers (709)

Estimated Time of Arrival (626)

The Travels We Write About (453)

Travel & Hospitality (183)

Where have you been? Country, City, Neighourhood, Traveling (183)

Of course, you can submit your articles in my collections. I will approve your article submission all the time.

(Please follow my collections. ☺)