#365DaysOfWriting — Day 312

Chaos Theory

A branch of mathematics/science that deals with unpredictable phenomena. Imagine the stock market, turbulent weather, or even the movement of a hot air balloon – everything seems random, but chaos theory states that there is a method even in the randomness.

Reminds me of something Kishore Biyani wrote…

In ‘It Happens Only In India’ the Future Group founder wrote that (I’m paraphrasing here) ‘Indians enjoy chaos and clutter while shopping.’ This led him to narrow down the aisles and keep items on discount bang in the middle of the aisle – so people would crowd around it. There is a method in the madness…

Same thing with me and my cupboard.

If it is chaotic, I somehow am at peace. I’m often reprimanded by my folks that I don’t keep a beat cupboard, but the truth is that is simply chaos theory at work. I can’t find anything in the cupboard until it’s a little chaotic.

Alas, only if my mother understood…



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